Call of Duty: Warzone Verdansk Subway Locations Map

Call of Duty: Warzone Verdansk Subway Locations Map

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Featured image credit: Infinity Ward

Infinity Ward has recently released the new massive Season 6 update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone. The new update brought tons of new content, with two characters from campaign, Farrah and Nikolai, becoming playable operators. Along with the new weapons and maps, the greatest change coming to Warzone multiplayer is a large subway system set underneath the city of Verdansk. This new railway network enables players to fast travel around Verdansk without being bothered by enemy gunfire. In total, there are seven stations scattered throughout Verdansk City map, most of which are placed in the central area of the map.

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The seven stations which players can visit during their stay in Warzone are located in following areas of City of Verdansk: Downtown, Arena, Promenade East, Train Station, Torsk Block, Airport and Lozoff Pass. All entrances to the subway have curved green roof above a large staircase, so they are easily spottable. Inside, players can find loot on the main platforms or in storage rooms. Trains come and go by themselves, so keep an eye on digital boards to see when they’re coming, since there is no button or activation mechanism to summon the trains.

Verdansk Metro Service Map (Image: Infinity Ward)

The digital boards above railway platforms show where the arriving trains are going next, as well as how long will it take them until they arrive in the station. Once you get inside the train, you’ll just teleport to another location, so don’t expect experiencing some funny moments with your squad mates, or enemy opponents. If there is an enemy on board, the subway car will not close the door, so you’ll either have to kill your opponents or die. This is primarily done to prevent players from camping inside train cars, as well as enable you to delay an enemy team from escaping, or keep someone from escaping until their squad is obliterated. Since there is little space in the car, you can expect some short and deadly gunfights. In case the ring is closing, subway cars will take you directly to the safety of the red zone. If ring has fully closed, the transport will stop fully.

Overall, the new subway system is the fastest way to get around Verdansk. It is the only true safe area, provided that you don’t share it with any other opponents. However, stepping on the railway tracks can be quite deadly, especially if the oncoming train hits you. Much like the other interior spaces around Verdansk, the subway is full of items and gathering opportunities within each its station. In case of emergency, you can always use escape ladders, as they enable you to escape the underground in case of an unexpected clash with other enemy players.

Using the subway is great for making detours, and flank routes to avoid enemies, or get behind their backs. Subway is also great for completing time-limited objectives, such as supply runs, as it enables you to traverse the city area of Verdansk in shortest time possible. Subway is also a haven for close quarters combat, so if you prefer close encounters over the ones in large open areas, then subway will be a perfect place for you. Finally, subway is a perfect place for creating ambushes, so be ready to lay down traps and wait for your enemies in order to dispatch them as quickly as possible.

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