This is ViCadia – a digital magazine about PC games and tech. Here, you will find game reviews, PC hardware benchmarks, buying guides and news about video games and PC hardware industry.

You might be puzzled with the name of our website. However, if you have ever come across the word “virtual”, and you also had a chance to read Jacopo Sanazzaro’s book called Arcadia or many Greek myths that mention that name, then the name of our website might become pretty obvious. In short, ViCadia stands for “Virtual Arcadia“, and as such strives to be a progressive and open-minded web zine about PC video games culture and digital realms in general.

ViCadia is currently run by two video games and tech fans – Frank Peckett and Matthew. Frank is the chief editor and founder of ViCadia, but besides being a talented writer, he is also ViCadia’s coder and web administrator. Matthew, on the other hand, is Frank’s first sidekick. His main job is QA and occasional visual design assistance.

Besides passion for playing and talking about video games and tech, reason for starting ViCadia was to provide culturally enriching and unbiased video game reviews in which one could learn more about cultural influences that fueled the development of a certain video game. In ViCadia’s articles, we strive to connect aspects of games we review with other cultural products, such as literature, music, movies, architecture and so on. We believe that video games are art, and that they have the capacity to unite other art forms. In that way, our reviews strive not just to describe graphics or gameplay aspects of a certain game, but also to provide foundations for future video game studies and theories of digital arts.

We strive to spread new knowledge about video games, and hope that our web zine will one day become a central place for sharing ideas and experiences about video games.

However, PC games aren’t the only topic we cover in our magazine. We are also dedicated tech fans who always monitor for new trends in PC technology, so you will encounter a lot of texts dedicated to that area on our website.

We hope that you’ll like our content.

If you wish to support our ideas and make this zine grow bigger, reward our work with a donation (see footer of the page). Buy us a coffee so we could take a break, or provide us funds so we could buy better hardware equipment and make more interesting content. If you wish to become our associate or contributor, feel free to contact us anytime.

Feel free to post comments and ask any questions that you consider to be important.

Happy gaming!

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