This is ViCadia – a technology oriented digital magazine focused on delivering news and reviews about latest PC components, home electronic devices and video games. Here, you will find product reviews, benchmarks, buying guides and latest insights about personal computer industry trends.

You might be puzzled with the name of our website. However, if you have ever come across the word “virtual”, and you also had a chance to read Jacopo Sanazzaro’s book called Arcadia, or many Greek myths which mention that name, then the name of our website might become pretty obvious to you. In short, ViCadia stands for “Virtual Arcadia“, and as such strives to be a progressive and open-minded web magazine about PC hardware and digital realms in general.

ViCadia is currently run by two PC tech and video games fans – Frank Peckett and Matthew. Frank is the chief editor and founder of ViCadia, but besides being a talented writer, he is also ViCadia’s coder and web administrator. Matthew, on the other hand, is Frank’s first sidekick. His main job is QA and occasional visual design assistance.

Besides having passion for writing about new computer technologies and latest video games, main reason for starting ViCadia was to provide consumers unbiased hardware product reviews, and deliver them valid market intelligence insights in order to make informed decisions.

We hope that you’ll like our content.

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