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How to Unlock Rytec AMR Super Fast in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

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Rytec AMR is a new sniper rifle which was introduced to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone in Season Four update. According to the gun’s in-game description, “this semi-automatic Anti-Material Rifle is chambered in .50 BMG for dominant long range assaults. A 25x59mm high-explosive payload variant is officially listed as ‘experimental’, but has been deployed on multiple classified missions with great effectiveness.”

The Rytec AMR sniper rifle is unique in couple of ways. First of all, this gun features much higher rate-of-fire, compared to the HDR and AX-50 sniper rifles, and it performs better at longer ranges than Dragunov. Secondly, this gun can use thermite and explosive range, thus enabling you to deal massive damage to your enemies.

The Rytec AMR sniper rifle is particularly effective in Warzone, as it can easily grant you one shot kills, even if you shoot your enemies to chest, or torso. This highly lethal gun, however, comes with only 5 rounds in one single magazine, and it features a slow reload time, as well as a huge recoil which kicks up and to the right.

However, in order to fully enjoy the power of Rytec AMR, you will first have to unlock it. In order to do that you will have to complete a rather simple, but quite difficult quest which might leave you frustrated at times.

To unlock Rytec AMR you need to get 3 quickscope kills with a Sniper or Marksman Rifle in 15 different games. In short, this means you will have to get a total of 45 quickscope kills, with either your favorite sniper or marksman rifle. It is necessary to stress that only quickscope kills will count, so if you are used to spending long time looking through your optics before pull the trigger, then these kills won’t count.

The Rytec AMR is one seriously lethal sniper rifle

Performing quickscope kills is considered to be an ancient technique of many veteran Call of Duty players. New players will have hard time mastering this skill, however, with enough practice, everything is achievable.

To perform a quickscope kill, you simply have to aim down your sights toward an enemy in front of you, and then instantly pull the trigger to dispatch them. However, the trick is that you only have a small amount of time to perform this action – in fact, you only have less than a second. This basically means you will have to aim for the head, or play hardcore matches where bullet damage is much bigger.

Getting three quickscope kills in one match isn’t easy, especially if you like to play Warzone or Search and Destroy game modes. In order to quickly unlock the gun, you should follow our advice on how to do that.

Which game modes and maps should I choose?

In order to quickly get those three infamous kills, you should play your matches on very small and tight maps in order to increase your chances of fulfilling quest’s requirements. However, playing on large maps will also provide feasible results, provided that you have enough skill.

The best modes which will increase your chances are:

  1. Team Deathmatch – pretty obvious. This classical game mode enables you to do just about anything in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
  2. Domination – these matches tend to be longer, which is good as it will give you time to get those three kills. Also, you can easily camp near control points and take out enemies near smoke screen as there will always be someone around.
  3. Ground War – for many Call of Duty players, this is one of the hardest game modes, as dying is frequent and gameplay is quite chaotic. However, if you know how to camp and user your sniper rifle effectively, you can get a bunch of quickscope kills easily.

The best maps to play on and quickly unlock Rytec AMR:

Shipment/Shoot House – you may not like these maps, but they are by far the best maps to quickly get three quickscope kills easily. Since Shipment is such a small map, aiming down sights with sniper rifle optics will grant you superb precision as all of your enemies will be extremely close, and you’ll be able to quickly get those precious headshots. On Shoot House, however, you have much more space, but gunfight is also very fast, and acquiring those quickscope kills will be a breeze.

Hovec Sawmill – very good map for getting quickscope kills. Just like Shipment and Shoot House, this map offers fast-paced combat, with plenty of sweet spots for camping. Whether you are inside the burning barn, or on the rooftop of the house in the middle of the map, you have plenty of spots to settle down and wait for your enemies to come.

Promenade (Ground War) – probably the best map for performing sniper rifle kills in whole game. Although very linear, this map offers plenty of covers to avoid enemy fire. Quickly jumping out of cover and dispatching enemies with sniper rifle takes some practice, but on this map it is very easy to perform.

Which weapons and strategies should I use?

Since challenge for unlocking Rytec AMR requires of you to use a sniper or marksman rifle, we recommend you to play with a gun you are most familiar with. Here are our recommendations:

Kar98k for fast-paced matches – this marksman rifle is perfect for performing super-fast quickscope kills. Equip it with Singuard Custom 27.6 heavyweight barrel to increase muzzle velocity, and add FTAC Sport Comb stock for increased ADS speed.

You should also equip this gun with Flash Guard muzzle to help you keep your target visible, as well as add Granulated Grip Tape attachment to increase the steadiness of your aim. As for optics, we recommend using the 4.0x Flip Hybrid sight, as it will enable you to quickly switch between close and long range modes depending on the situation.

AX-50 for playing on large maps – if you plan to get quickscope kills from distant range, then AX-50 sniper rifle will do a perfect job. Equip it with Monolithic Suppressor, and 32.0 Factory Barrel for improved muzzle velocity, as well as increased firing range. Along with that, add Singuard Arms Marksman stock to keep your aim steady. Finally, attach the Thermal Dual Power optics scope.

The AX-50 is a seriously mean sniper rifle, and if you play it with the Thermal Dual Power optics scope, nothing can escape your view. The optics attachment heavily increases ADS time, however, if you know where your target is, you can get quickscope pretty easily with this sniper rifle.

And that’s it. You should unlock the Rytec AMR without any trouble. It might take a while, but you will eventually get there. Of course, you can always unlock it purchasing a special bundle in the store, however, that option seems worthless, as grinding those three kills in 15 different matches isn’t that hard. After you complete the quest, the Rytec AMR will be available both in standard multiplayer, as well as in Warzone battle royale mode.

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