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Windows 10 License Types Explained

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It is common knowledge that the Windows operating system can be legal or illegal (pirated) – which also applies to the current Windows 10. When buying a new computer, many users focus their attention on the hardware components in order to achieve maximum performance and stability of their new system. Unfortunately, few of them then think about the software side of security and stability, so they don’t consider buying a good and stable licensed operating system (OS).

What’s more, they unknowingly take the risk by arbitrarily installing one of the pirated versions of the OS. But soon after the purchase, they might begin experiencing problems with the operation of the computer. Pirated software (even pirated OS) comes from unverified and unreliable sources, and there is indeed a high probability that a virus or malicious program will be installed on your computer along with other programs. Many users aren’t even aware of this problem because they think everything is working properly, but at some point various unusual events begin to happen and some of them even might experience data loss. And even worse than that, with these illegal software, many malicious programs are secretly installed, which hackers might use to steal your important data, such as information about your identity, accounts, passwords, credit card numbers, etc.

These are not uncommon problems, and they are frequently discussed about within IT specialist community. Hackers attack anything that may be important to their benefit. Facebook accounts and passwords are common targets of attacks, and bank cards are also the target of cybercriminals on the Internet. When they come across important data, they often use it themselves or simply sell it to third parties as such.

Legal Implications

You might think that these are the only problems related to the use of illegal pirated software. But that is not the case. The use of pirated software entails major legal problems. You see, developing software programs requires a lot of effort, sacrifice, work and knowledge – and using illegal software is simply treated as a theft. If you are caught using the illegal software or OS, you will have problems with the law. And like any other theft, this one will be treated as a theft offense. So best not play with it.

Now let’s go back to our original discussion about operating systems. By purchasing a licensed operating system (i.e. Windows 10) you will bypass these legal problems and be largely protected from hackers entering your computer system. Your legal operating system will be constantly updated with new add-ons that will significantly improve the protection systems, and only then will you be sure in the stability and security of your computer. And more importantly – you will not be legally burdened.

Types of Windows 10 Licenses

Buying a licensed operating system brings a few doubts, but studying everything that is offered to you in time will greatly facilitate your choice. There are several variants of the Windows 10 system, but don’t let that confuse you. We are not talking about Windows 10 versions here, but about the types of licenses under which you are able to purchase the system. Your system may be illegal even if you regularly purchased a license but use it improperly. For small and medium businesses, and home users, Windows 10 is offered under legal licenses in OEM, FPP, and GGK form.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

The OEM license is intended to be installed only on new personal computers. This is also the best way to easily get Microsoft Windows 10 OS. In addition to the system itself, this is the easiest way to buy Microsoft Office, and other programs. By purchasing the original OS or Office, you get the original media of the program protected by the Hologram. Of course there is also the proof of use agreement and COA (Certificate of Authenticity). This is a sticker that you need to stick in a visible place on your computer and it is the first visible proof of legal software. The main advantage of buying an OEM license is a significantly cheaper price than the standard one, but the bad thing is that in this way the OS bounds to the hardware and cannot be transferred to another computer.

FPP (Fully Packaged Product)

FPP is a program that is sold in the classic way. Packed in a designed box containing a hologram-protected installation medium, a unique serial number, a software usage agreement and installation instructions. It is sold in all IT retail outlets. The FPP OS has a Certificate of Authenticity on the box, so it is necessary to save the box as proof of owning a legal system. The program is activated before use via the Internet or by phone. The most important difference between an FPP OS and an OEM license is that an FPP product can be transferred from one computer to another. The only requirement is that the original system must be first removed from the previous computer.

GGK (Get Genuine Kit)

GGK is a special licensing program exclusively designed to legalize existing computers. By purchasing a GGK license, you get an operating system that will be connected to your computer, just like OEM. This is done if you have a computer that did not purchase OEM software. It is important to note here that it is not legal to subsequently purchase an OEM license, so GGK purchase is the correct solution.

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