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5 Best Games Like Battlefield 2042

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The Battlefield series has achieved worldwide acclaim for producing some of the finest first person-shooter war games in history. Featuring blockbuster movie-style campaigns and incredible multiplayer experience, which is the hallmark of the whole series, Battlefield still attracts millions of players and remains to be one of the most beloved shooter series to date. Unfortunately, the last installment, called Battlefield 2042, disappointed many fans, and left them in search for something new, yet equally exciting to play.

That’s why we prepared this list of the best games like Battlefield 2042 which you can start playing today. These games feature equally stunning representations of brutal combat warfare, and will keep you playing for hours. Sure, none of them are able to fully provide that “Battlefield experience”, but will at least keep you satisfied until the next Battlefield installment comes out.

1. Battlefield V

This may seem a bit too obvious, but yes, if you are looking for a worthy Battlefield 2042 alternative, then Battlefield V is a great choice. In 2022, Battlefield V is still alive and kicking. The game has never felt so good, and is more popular than ever, since it’s able to attract up to 20,000 concurrent players every day (according to

There are many reasons why you should start playing Battlefield V in 2022. First of all, the game has received tons of bugfixes since its initial release in 2018, meaning it’s now able to provide enjoyable gaming experience. Many gameplay mechanics like TTK, spawn time, bullet drop, and aim spread have been revamped, and the game now finally feels like a proper online multiplayer shooter.

Secondly, Battlefield V features a very good campaign, with The Last Tiger mission really standing out. Battlefield V is also known for featuring beautiful graphics, and it also features support for raytracing. The biggest problem right now are the hackers, which may spoil your online experience.

2. Planetside 2

Even though it’s now more than 10 years old, Planetside 2 is still a great game. It’s basically Battlefield with space tech. Compared to other first-person shooter, Planetside 2 is actually a combined-arms MMO shooter. As such it is able to provide incredibly unique experience, since the game starts with the premise of a huge spread out war happening all over a distant fantasy continent.

On a small scale, in Planetside 2 each player is just a simple unnamed soldier shooting at other soldiers. However, on a macro scale, your every action is felt in a huge war between multiple hostile factions. Planetside 2 allows players to form 12-person squads, which can then merge into 48-men platoons. The game also features vehicles, which range from tanks to sci-fi hovercrafts.

Another positive fact about Planetside 2 is the fact that it’s free to play. This, however, also has its bad sides. For example, to unlock new weapons and abilities you have to grind for hours. There are also loot boxes, as well as premium memberships. Of course, if you don’t have time to grind you can always purchase virtual funds. But despite all that, you can enjoy playing Planetside 2 without ever spending a dime.

3. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

If Battlefield 2042 is too fast-paced and Squad is too sluggish for you, then Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is an ideal compromise between these two. Firefights in this game feel very realistic, but they take a little more planning because suppressive fire is highly powerful and firearms shoot with incredible accuracy. The game also forces you to plan your moves on a map and try to outgun your opponents. Another cool thing about this game is that there is little downtime in the action if you fail and get killed.

If you play on the Viet Cong side, you can place spawn locations for adversaries, while as the US, you can have attackers spawn right on your squad leader. If you are not a leading type there are several classes to pick from, each having a limited variety of armament options. However, if you enjoy leading, the commander job is also accessible.

4. Star Wars Battlefront II

If you’re looking for a solid Battlefield 2042 alternative, this one is worth picking up. It had a rocky start, but it’s gone a long way since then. The game feel immensely satisfying to play and its progression system has done a major step up since its initial launch in 2017, however, you will still have to overcome the massive skill gap when starting since seasoned players will already have the best abilities equipped.

Class variants, heroes, game modes and customization are also one of the main selling points of this game, alongside its focus, adding to the vast depth of the game and providing a fast-paced futuristic shooter experience. The playerbase is very friendly and positive, and most online multiplayer lobbies are still full.

5. Tannenberg

Trench warfare is frequently described as completely cruel, anxiety-inducing craziness that few people can endure without suffering significant mental scars. All of these and more is captured in this game for a painful yet fascinating experience. Tannenberg is based on the famous Battle of Tannenberg in World War I, which was regarded as one of the worst battles in the Great War.

During the combat, you play as a soldier trudging your way through the trenches. Murderous troops are waiting for you at every turn, and you must be equally adept at fighting with a bayonet as you are at shooting a rifle. This game will put all of your talents to the test, and although it’s more similar to Battlefield 1, it is still able to convey a fast-paced online multiplayer experience like Battlefield 2042. The game also features bots, which is a nice addition.

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