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Seasonic Focus GX-650 Power Supply Review

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In a Nutshell

Featuring semi-passive cooling, fully modular cable design, outstanding efficiency, and wide range of power connectors, the new Seasonic Focus GX-650 is one of the best power supply units in its class.

  • High efficiency
  • Excellent voltage stability
  • Great build quality
  • Large number of connectors
  • Semi-passive cooling
  • 10-year warranty
  • Slightly higher +12V rail voltage

The Seasonic’s GX series of computer power supplies was first introduced in 2019 as the successor to the very popular Focus Plus series of PSUs. This means that the GX series PSUs have already been present on the market for the past two years, and as such aren’t a novelty. Compared to the previous year’s lineup, the 2021 GX series lineup features some new changes. Although Seasonic didn’t list all the new modifications, it is clear from the information provided on company’s website that the capacitors have been removed from the modular cables, and that the housing, packaging and power supply have been rebranded in accordance with the OneSeasonic initiative nomenclature.

The new naming method starts with the assumption that the first word in the PSUs name denotes the product series to which the PSU belongs to (in our case FOCUS), after which we have a code that is comprised of two letters and three numbers that denote the power supply’s total wattage. The first letter of the following code denotes the PSU’s efficiency according to the 80PLUS standard (Titanium, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze), while the second letter denotes PSU’s modularity (X for fully modular, M for semi-modular, and C for fixed cables).

The Focus GX series therefore consists of only power supplies with fully modular cables, while the electronics are certified to satisfy the 80PLUS Gold standard (i.e. efficiency of 92% at a power load of 50%). Users can choose between five models of different power, ranging from 550 to 1,000 W. Seasonic also offers a white version of its power supplies, but this only refers to models that feature 750, 850 and 1,000 W of power. In this article we will review the more affordable Focus GX-650 model, which we were able to obtain recently.

Seasonic Focus GX-650 Specifications

TypeFully Modular
Max. DC Output650 W
Efficiency80 PLUS Gold (92%)
Power Specifications+3,3 V – 20 A (100 W)
+5 V –  20 A (100 W)
+12 V – 54 A (648 W)
Fan120 mm
Length140 mm
PCIe/EPS Connectors4/2
SATA/Molex Connectors10+2/3
Form FactorIntel ATX 12 V
Warranty10 Years

Since Seasonic Focus GX-650 is a high-end power supply, it’s no surprise that it comes with a wider range of accessories which includes three Velcro cable ties, a dozen disposable plastic cable ties, black mounting screws and a power tester which enables you to test whether the power supply works without installing it into a PC. It is interesting that in addition to the manual, the package also includes a note in which Seasonic apologizes to the buyer for not including any synthetic fabric (non-woven material) in the power supply package due to shortages caused by COVID-19 pandemics, and increased production of protective masks which are made by this type of fabric.

The power supply itself is quite short, measuring only 140 mm in length, which means it’s fully compatible with all the ATX PC cases. The PSU is also equipped with a 120 mm fan with an FDB bearing that guarantees increased longevity. The semi-passive mode of cooling is enabled by factory defaults, which in turn prevents the fan from spinning until the PSU hits approximately 30% of load. Even after it switches on, the fan’s rotation curve is very gentle, so the overall operation of the power supply is very quiet. If you really want to make the fan work constantly, you can do that by pressing one of the buttons on the back of the power supply. Lastly, this PSU comes with 10-year limited warranty, which is similar to other high-end PSUs from the same niche.

Except for the main ATX cable, which is round and braided with black mesh, all the other cables are flat and quite flexible. The cables are also very long, which makes the cable management much easier, and is very handy for connecting PC components that are placed far from the PSU.

Although it’s a mid-range power power supply, the GX-650 offers two 8-pin connectors for additional power supply to the motherboard, and four 8-pin connectors for powering the graphics cards. There are also two cables with four SATA connectors on each one, one cable with two SATA connectors and one cable with three Molex connectors. There is no adapter for connecting a floppy device, however there is one adapter that converts one Molex connector into two SATA connectors. All in all, there is no shortage of connectors on this power supply.

The GX-650 on a +12V rail can deliver up to 54 amps, which means that virtually all of its power output (648 W) is available to the largest power consumers in the PC. A combined 100 W is available on the +3.3V and +5V rails. We tested the power supply in combination with a high-end PC based on a 12-core AMD Ryzen 9 5900X with automatic overclocking (PBO) enabled, 16 GB of DDR4 RAM, an AMD X570 motherboard, one M.2 and two SATA SSDs and an AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT graphics card. We measured the voltage values ​​on the main ATX connector using a multimeter in three scenarios (when the PC is idle, when only the graphics card is loaded, and when the processor and graphics card are at full load). In all three operating modes, the power supply proved to be excellent, with minimal changes in the average voltage value and low ripple. From a perfectionist perspective, one could possibly object to a slightly higher reference voltage of the 12V rail (12.2 instead of 12 volts).

Test Results+3.3V+5V+12VPower
Voltage (Rest)3,319 V5,044 V12,22 V85 W
Ripple (Rest)0,4 mV3,2 mV7,0 mV
Voltage (GPU Load)3,317 V5,075 V12,20 V409 W
Ripple (GPU Load)0,2 mV3,1 mV2,0 mV
Voltage (Full Load)3,315 V5,091 V12,22 V585 W
Ripple (Full Load)0,3 mV1,9 mV8 mV

From everything we have seen, we can conclude that Seasonic’s Focus GX-650 is a high quality power supply that can offer the user excellent electronic properties, but also quiet operation, fully modular cables and an excellent 10-year warranty. If you are looking for a high-end power supply, this Seasonic’s cadet has our warm recommendation.

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Seasonic Focus GX-650 80+ Gold

Featuring semi-passive cooling, fully modular cable design, outstanding efficiency, and wide range of power connectors, the new Seasonic Focus GX-650 is one of the best power supply units in its class.









  • +High efficiency
  • +Excellent voltage stability
  • +Great build quality
  • +Large number of connectors
  • +Semi-passive cooling
  • +10-year warranty


  • -Slightly higher +12V rail voltage
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