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Massive GTA 6 Leak Shows Robberies, Gunplay And Open-World Driving

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A user called “teapotuberhacker” has posted 90 videos on GTAForums which they claim are from an early alpha version of Grand Theft Auto 6. The videos apparently show GTA 6 gameplay footage and include robberies, open-world driving, gunplay, and NPC interaction.

The leaked footage can be watched on YouTube.

The real question is whether these are really authentic recordings or not. It is difficult to answer that, but the footage seems to be convincing. If someone decided to trick the internet with this, then it must be admitted that they made a good effort.

Rockstar Games are known for being very secretive when it comes to their projects that are in development, and have never had a big leak of materials regarding GTA games. The September 2022 leaks are unprecedented in the company’s history, and leaked videos are already doing the rounds on YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and other social media.

According to the latest tweet from Bloomberg’s reporter Jason Schreier, the leaked videos are indeed from an early version of Grand Theft Auto VI. One of the videos shows a Latina woman named Lucia performing a robbery in a Miami-inspired city. There is a also a video showing a conversation between two characters near a pool, as well as player entering a strip club.

According to PCGamer, GTA 6 has been in development since 2014 and was originally codenamed “Project Americas”. These leaks appear to be in line with this information, and suggest that the game has been in development for a long time. However, it is still hard to predict when the game will be launched, since videos appear to be showing an early build of the game.

UPDATE: According to journalist Tom Henderson, the hacker who leaked GTA VI footage is attempting to sell stolen GTA V source code back to Rockstar Games for “no less than five figures”. Take-Two has also started issuing DMCA copyright claims against users who share the stolen content.

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