Logitech MX Keys Wireless Keyboard Review

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With over 40 years of manufacturing experience, the Swiss company Logitech is one of the best known producers of PC peripherals in the world. Their latest products from the MX series are primarily designed for professional users, such as creators, designers, programmers or business users who want to experience comfort and efficiency in their everyday work. Although MX series is best known for PC mice, this series also includes other premium quality products such as keyboards. One such product is the Logitech MX Keys Illuminated keyboard.

Durability10 Million Keystrokes
Connectivity2.4 GHz Wireless USB, Bluetooth
Weight810 Grams
Dimensions131.63 x 430.2 x 20.5 mm

At first glance, the Logitech MX Keys looks just like an ordinary wireless keyboard. In terms of its dimensions, it is very compact, as it’s only about 430 mm wide. Although small, this keyboard features full-sized buttons, as well as numeric keypad on its right side. Particularly impressive is the keyboards overall height. If you sum up the heights of keyboard’s body and its buttons, total height of MX Keys measures only 8 mm, which is truly amazing. Nevertheless, keyboard weighs 810 grams, partly due to its battery, partly due to metallic backplate which gives you an impression of a robust and high-quality made product while it’s in your hands.

What is really odd about this keyboard is that you can’t fold its feet, because bottom part is natively elevated due to the keyboard’s overall design. This is sometimes frustrating since you can’t choose between flat and angled position of use, as you are forced to use this keyboard angled. This design is, however, completely justified, as keyboard is so flat that it requires to be slightly angled in order to be comfortable for use. In terms of stability, the MX Keys is a very stable keyboard due to its weight and six rubber pads at its bottom which efficiently prevent any kind of sliding or unintentional moving from all sorts of surfaces.

Overall design of MX Keys fully embraces minimalism. Nothing sticks out, nor disturbs the elegance of carbon/grey color palette which characterizes keyboard’s design. LED indicators are integrated into the buttons’ corners, while the back side only features one USB Type-C port for charging, and a switch for turning the keyboard on and off. Integrated battery lasts up to 10 days with backlightning turned on, and up to 5 months with lightning turned off.

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Since buttons have such a low profile, you might ask yourself how were the buttons fitted into the keyboard in the first place? Although Logitech won’t disclose information regarding the keyboard design, we know that this keyboard features Perfect Stroke technology which enables Logitech to produce such low profile buttons. Great thing with these low profile buttons is that using them feels extremely precise and punctual. Buttons on this keyboard provide great tactile feedback, and due to their low activation point, input is almost instant after pressing one of them. This low-profile design won’t please everyone, so be sure to try this keyboard out before buying it.

Typing on this keyboard is very silent, and overall experience is quite similar to the one involving notebook keyboard. All buttons are slightly dented inward, while their borders are completely flat. Keyboard also features simplistic white LED lightning, which looks nice and elegant. Button backlightning supports adjustment in 8 steps, or automatically via ambient light sensor. The MX Keys also possesses proximity senor which automatically turns off LED backlightning when you move your hands away from the keyboard.

This keyboard comes with a very powerful software suite called Logitech Options. With this software you can easily define various keyboard functions, change extra buttons roles, and even assign automated scripts, programs and system functions to the buttons. There is no option to create macros, however, you can choose preprogrammed functions from a very long list. You can also create profiles for each specific application, which will be appealing to many professional users.

All in all, the Logitech MX Keys is a very interesting keyboard designed for users who want something more than an ordinary gaming or office keyboard. Besides being a premium quality build product, this keyboard offers very enjoyable and comfortable use in various professional environments. The MX Keys works best in a combination with the MX Master 3 mouse and the MX Palm Rest wrist support, although it also functions great as a standalone product. In short, this is a product made for professionals, nevertheless, it is also suitable for occasional gaming sessions.

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Logitech MX Keys Wireless Illuminated Keyboard

The Logitech MX Keys is a premium wireless keyboard designed for serious users. Its slim design and amazing software features make it an excellent choice for various professional environments.

Build Quality








  • +premium quality build
  • +compact dimensions
  • +great software features


  • -only angled position
  • -no ability to create macros
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