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Is this a new GTA 6 leak?

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UPDATE: This article was first released on March 18, 2020 and contains outdated information. The authenticity of this leak has never been confirmed, however, judging by the September 2022 GTA VI leaks, it is possible that this leak was based on a legitimate source of information.

Almost nine years have passed since Grand Theft Auto V was released in 2013. As of June 2022, game has managed to sell a staggering number of 169 million copies worldwide. Even though GTA V is still a very popular game, questions arise when will its next successor come out?

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There have been plenty of supposed GTA 6 leaks in media stating to be true, however, their authenticity remains to be questionable. Although many of them are probably fake, they still inspire our imagination and boost our excitement for the next big blockbuster that will Rockstar Games release some day.

Here at ViCadia, we are in a possession of one such leak that seems to be promising and exciting, yet very dubious and questionable. Not long ago we received an e-mail from an anonymous reader whose e-mail address we won’t disclose in order to protect their privacy. E-mail only contained message “Best regards” and an attached image (down below).

gta 6 leak
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Upon figuring out what it was about, we decide to carefully analyze attached image. Image that was contained in the e-mail appears to be a scan of an (un)released article from an unidentified magazine. Title of the article is “Grand Theft Auto 6: Europe”, and there are three images which appear to be renders of an upcoming video game. First image from the left seems to be showing a coastal city with long and stretched beach. Architectural style of buildings shown in that picture is very similar to the ones of American cities such as Miami.

The largest picture, which is in the middle, appears to be showing a big modern city with tall skyscrapers and piers sticking out into the sea. Architectural style of these buildings is again very much American, however, certain buildings seem to look very unusual and resemble a lot to the ones situated in London’s financial district. The last picture, which is also the smallest one, appears to be showing a luxury apartment in a high-rise building.

Text under the pictures seems to be written in Slavic language, and since it contains characters such as “š” and “č”, we believe the text was written in Serbian or Croatian language, or maybe even Czech.

So far we have managed to translate some parts of the article. According to the text, new Grand Theft Auto sequel will be called Europe, and is around 60% complete. Game will feature six big European cities, which are London, Rome, Prague, Vienna, Paris and Madrid. Text also mentions some other locations such as Bogota and Tokyo. It is also stated that the game was designed for PlayStation 5 which was planned to be released at the end of 2019 in North America.

There is no doubt that this leak about GTA 6 contains plenty of weird information. However, there are some things which seem to be legit. According to an article from Wccftech, Rockstar’s next upcoming project will feature buildings from medieval era, and the company is hiring new designers whose job will be to create 3D models in such style. If that is true, then info from this leak about a new GTA game subtitled Europe could also be true.

Also, according to an article from TechRadar, numerous previous leaks about GTA 6 have stated that the game will feature multiple cities and would be located in Vice City (which is Miami), and some other city in South America. Judging by the pictures from this leak, which seem to be depicting Miami-like city, Vice City could really be the next location for an upcoming GTA title.

Here at ViCadia, we are looking forward to an upcoming GTA game whose hype seems to be growing by the day. In the end, it doesn’t matter whether the next GTA title will be set in Europe or in Americas, or in both of them. What matters is that we finally got some interesting and refreshing news that sparked our imagination..

Tell us what you think! Share your thoughts in our comment section below and tell us whether you think this GTA 6 leak seems to be true or not.

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