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How to Turn Off Animations and Make Windows 10 Faster

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The Windows operating system has advanced a great deal since its inception in the early 1990s. What was known to all users twenty years ago as an operating system full of bugs and problems, today is an operating system that looks and works almost flawlessly (unless you have problems with some of the latest bugs caused by latest Windows 10 upgrades).

Windows 10 is loaded with wide variety of animations that look very nice, and give a certain aesthetic satisfaction. However, waiting for these animations to load can take some time, no matter how fast the user’s computer is. Given the fact that we nowadays live in fast-paced times, most of us don’t have time to watch these animations, and we would rather turn them off to speed up our user experience.

Animations within Windows 10 can be turned off in a very simple way. After turning off these animations, Windows will run faster and give the impression of fluidity (and you won’t have to wait for the animations to load). To get started, click the Start button (the button in the lower left corner of the computer screen) inside the Start menu, click the gear icon (located on the left side of the Start menu), and then Windows Settings will open. A shorter and faster way to access Windows settings is to press the “Window” and “I” keys on your computer keyboard at the same time.

Within Windows settings, click “Ease of Access” or “Simplified Access”. Once you are there, scroll down until you reach an option called “Simplify and Personalize Windows”. Here you will see one additional option marked with a slider, “Show Animations in Windows” or “Show Animations in Windows”. Drag this slider to “Off” and then the animations inside Windows 10 will no longer appear. If you want to disable only some of the animations, while leave others enabled, you can do so if you go within the classic settings for Windows performance. Within these options, simply select which animations you want to be turned on and leave them, and drag the others toward “Off”.

Windows 10 classifies animation disabling under “access capabilities,” meaning it’s something Microsoft hopes users won’t change. But turning off animations is also appealing to all those users who want a faster and more fluid experience of using Windows 10. If you’re one of them, then this is likely to interest you.

Windows 10 contains a lot of features that can help the user in many ways, making it easier for him to have the whole experience and opening up some new, hitherto unknown things. Turning off animations is one of them and something that will definitely benefit many of us.

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