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How to Get Honeycomb in Minecraft

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As of version 1.15, Minecraft has bees, and you can also obtain Honeycomb to craft beehives and make your own honey farm. The new Honeycomb item has had a great impact on the game, since now you can craft Waxed Copper, Candles and Beehives with it.

The only way to obtain Honeycomb is to approach a Bee Nest or Beehive and use a pair of Shears on it. However, if this sounds too puzzling or confusing to you, don’t fret. We’ll explain this in a detail.

1. Find Bee Nest

Before you go out in search for Honeycomb, you first must craft Shears. To do that, you first must craft two Iron Ingots. Once you are sure that you have two Iron Ingots, put one of them in the middle slot of the Crafting Table, and the other one in the bottom left slot.

After you have crafted a fresh pair of Shears, go out to find a Bee Nest. Like with many other things in Minecraft, Bee Nests are spawned randomly in trees across the world, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding one in your vicinity. Once you find a Bee Nest, make sure it is filled with honey, because if it’s not, then you won’t be able to harvest Honeycomb from it.

A Bee Nest’s bees will scatter to seek for pollen whenever it is not raining. When a bee returns to the Nest and then leaves again, the Nest’s “honey level” rises by one. When the honey level reaches five, honey will begin to flow out of the Nest. This indicates that it is ready to be harvested.

2. Harvest the Honeycomb

To harvest the Honeycomb simply approach the Nest and use your Shears on it. You will get three units of Honeycomb, and the level of honey in the Nest will fall to zero.

In order to avoid aggravating bees and getting stung, simply light a fire below the Bee Nest, or a campfire five blocks below it. This will calm the bees and protect you from their stingers. If you don’t do that, bees will start chasing you, and they won’t stop doing that until they sting you.

3. Use Honeycomb to craft new items

You can create a few new items with the Honeycomb.

For example, you can create a Beehive which work the same as Bee Nests. The only difference is that you can place Beehives wherever you want. To make one, simply fill the top and bottom rows of your Crafting Table with Planks, and fill the central row with Honeycomb.

Unfortunately, bees don’t come included with Beehives, which means you’ll have to lure them to the hive with flowers, or wait for them to find the hive on their own. Once single Beehive can house up to three bees.

Another thing you can craft with Honeycomb are Candles. They act as a light source when placed down, however, they need to be lit with Flint and Steel to work. Crafting candles is quite simple. All you have to do is place one piece of String above one piece of Honeycomb and you are good to go.

You can also craft Honeycomb block by forming a square of Honeycombs anywhere on your Crafting Table. The Honeycomb block has no particular use, other than being used as a decoration.

Lastly, if you combine Honeycomb with anything made of copper you will get Waxed Copper. The main benefit of waxing copper items is that this will protect them from oxidizing, meaning they’ll retain their original color no matter what.

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