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Far Cry 6 Guide – 10 Essential Gameplay Tips

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Far Cry 6’s open-world gameplay isn’t all that different from its predecessors, but there’s still plenty to discover. There are a few systems in the most recent game that both newbies and veterans should be aware of.

In this guide we’ll give you tips on how to become the finest guerrilla fighter you can be in Far Cry 6. We’ll also show you how to modify weapons, why should you employ specific Supremos and Resolver weapons, how to use your Amigos, and employ different exploration techniques. Here are a few essential tips that will make your visit to this gorgeous island nation of Yara a little smoother.

1. Start the game in Madruga

Far Cry 6 begins on a tiny island off the coast of Yara, which serves as the game’s tutorial. However, once you get in Yara proper, you’ll be able to explore any of the world’s areas in whatever order you choose. While there is no formal “proper” order in which to approach the game’s world, some of them are a little more difficult than others. Madruga is the best place to begin, since it seems like a natural development from the initial island. Madruga’s primary questline also has some essential story aspects that will help you understand the story more quickly, thus it makes sense to go there first from a narrative point of view.

2. Hideout network

Each of Yara’s three main regions has a camp that serves as your base of operations in that region, and you may enhance these camps by adding various facilities with varying rewards. The Hideout Network should be the first facility you set up, regardless of whatever camp you arrive at first. Not only will you be able to use the wingsuit, which is an essential component of traversal in any Far Cry game, but you’ll also be able to fast travel to any guerrilla hideouts you come across across Yara.

3. Customize your weapons

Far Cry 6 places a greater emphasis on customization than previous games in the franchise. The game embraces the entire guerilla theme and places a strong emphasis on weapon customization, including the ability to create new ones from scratch. Because resources are limited and you only have a certain number of mod slots per weapon, we recommend paying attention to the upgrades you’re making to your weapons. If you want to be as stealthy as possible, save up and purchase the best silencers for your guns. However, if you like long-range fighting, powerful scopes may transform weapons into real sniper rifles.

4. Use a silencer

When it comes to silencers, get one for at least one of your weapons as soon as possible. Make it your first weapon upgrade, in fact. As with any Far Cry game, stealth is a key component of the gameplay in Far Cry 6, and you’ll rely on quiet gunfire just as much as up-close machete kills.

You won’t be able to afford anything more than a flimsy old silencer made from an old plastic bottle at first, but once you have enough materials, make one that takes longer to overheat, so that even if you deal less damage or miss a few shots, you’ll be able to fire off multiple quick shots before your silencer overheats and becomes temporarily useless.

5. Gear perks

Thankfully, Far Cry 6’s gear system isn’t like that of a conventional loot-focused game. There’s a small gear roster, and instead of raising weapon stats or providing minor stat boosts, each item of gear has a distinct perk—and it’s highly suggested that you pay attention to those benefits rather than simply donning whatever has the highest rank. Perks might be as basic as improving your resistance against armour-piercing shots or as complex as automatically marking foes in your proximity after a stealth melee kill, but they’re virtually always very beneficial in unique ways. Changing your gear loadout based on the circumstance you’re entering might be quite beneficial.

6. Anti-air weapons

Flying around in Yara isn’t as simple and straightforward as it is in most Far Cry locations. Anton Castillo has put up anti-air weaponry all across Yara, so the skies aren’t exactly safe until you trace down and eliminate these facilities. That is, of course, a sufficient prize in and of itself, but these locations also frequently contain depleted uranium, which is one of Far Cry 6’s rarest minerals and is required to create special specialized weaponry. So, if you discover about or come across an anti-air weapon, make a point of getting to it as quickly as possible.

7. Become a true guerilla fighter

Exploring Yara is similar to exploring previous Far Cry settings in many aspects, although it does contain a few distinct differences. For example, Yara is replete of guerilla paths, winding trails, tunnels, and hidden passageways utilized by the guerrilla revolt in its struggle against the Castillo dictatorship off the usual path and highways and roads.

You should investigate these pathways whenever you have the opportunity. You’ll not only come across lots of resources and gear, but you’ll also run across other guerrilla warriors who may be able to inform you about various spots of interest around the globe, or even lead you to secret activities by just following markers in the surroundings.

8. Vehicle specialist

Far Cry 6 will give you a free car when you first start the game, but you’ll be able to add to your collection as the game progresses. Far Cry 6 has a variety of vehicles, but driving them does not automatically add them to your permanent collection. If you locate a car that you like, make sure you drop it off at a vehicle drop off location so you may summon it anytime you want and personalize it to your liking.

9. Use different types of ammo

This is a minor but crucial aspect of customization. There are various distinct types of ammunition in Far Cry 6. There are soft-shelled bullets, armor-piercing rounds, incendiary rounds, poisoned ammunition, and more, in addition to conventional bullets, and some opponent kinds are weaker to particular ammo types.

Given that you can only carry three weapons (plus one resolver weapon) and that each weapon can only utilize one kind of ammo at a time, you’ll need to consider your loadout before entering a combat. As a result, it’s a good idea to scout out foes from a safe distance before engaging in battle to determine which ammunition type they’re vulnerable to.

10. Survive heat

On paper, Far Cry 6’s Heat Level system resembles the Wanted system, but the growth is far more steady and permanent, meaning that the more you kill opponents, damage enemy vehicles, and disrupt Castillo’s activities, the more difficult things will get for you. It can be difficult to strike the right balance, which is why subtlety is always recommended. As your Heat level grows, firefights get increasingly difficult, so keep an eye on it while exploring the wide world.

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