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Elden Ring Classes Guide: Stats & Best Starter Classes Ranked

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Classes play a crucial role in Elden Ring. They are the starting archetypes which are available to the player. All Elden Ring Classes work in a similar way to the Dark Souls series in that selecting a class sets the player’s beginning stats and equipment, which may be improved and upgraded as the game progresses. In this article we’ll provide brief explanation of all classes in Elden Ring, and rank them from best to worst.

Below is a list of all ten beginning classes in Elden Ring, as well as their main stats. The nice thing about Elden Ring is that you can steer your character in whatever path you choose. So, don’t worry too much about picking the right class, because in the end you can mold your character whatever you want.

However, certain classes are better suited for more experienced players, while others are more accessible to beginners. Down below we’ve ranked Elden Ring classes from best to worst, with the best the being the most convenient and allowing players to more easily progress through game.

1. Samurai

The Samurai is one of the best starter classes in Elden Ring. If you want to try your hand at everything in the game, then the Samurai is an ideal class for you. A strong defense should give you a fighting chance while you get your bearings, and respectable melee stats (which can be combined with ranged skills) should put you on your way to a great hybrid build. Plus, aren’t samurai cool?

2. Astrologer

The Astrologer is the most intelligent of all the Elden Ring classes, and he also has a high Mind stat. The Astrologer is an excellent character to start with if you want to traverse the game with a genuinely magical character. You may even spice things up a little and create a capable magic-based warrior to catch your opponents off guard. In short, when it comes to a class capable of wielding powerful spells, the Astrologer’s base stats are extremely enticing.

3. Confessor

If you’re new to Elden Ring and don’t know what to expect, it’s easy to overlook the Confessor as a class for your first character, but that would be a tremendous mistake. In fact, we’d recommend the Confessor to a lot of new players. It offers a better balanced attack and defense than most other classes, and it has access to spells that some of the other classes don’t, which is incredibly useful early on when you’re getting your bearings in the game.

4. Prisoner

A decent class to start with if you don’t want to go headfirst into the combat realms of the Warriors and Heroes of Elden Ring. To begin with, the Prisoner is both dexterous and intellectual, implying that the potential for a well-rounded character exists from the outset. However, its defensive stats are weak, but you can’t have everything. If you decide to play the game with a Prisoner, then be sure to keep your enemies at distance early on in the game.

5. Vagabond

We think that the Vagabond will be a popular class among newcomers to the game. It provides a well-rounded alternative to a Dark Souls class like Warrior. The Vagabond is a full-fledged action class. You won’t be casting spells or using magic here; it’ll be all-out combat, so if playing RPGs with a melee class character is your thing, then the Vagabond is a perfect character to start with, especially if you’re new to Souls-like games.

6. Warrior

Most players will choose the Warrior as their primary character when starting off in Elden Ring. Having a high Dexterity and the ability to fire off fast blows, the Warrior is an action-packed class for people who enjoy getting their hands dirty. Two curved blades at the start will assist you in chopping and slicing your way into the early portions of Elden Ring. However, his Endurance and Strength stats are quite poor, so when you’re on the defense, you’ll need to be on high alert with the Warrior.

7. Bandit

If you like to deal with enemies from afar, then the Bandit is the best character for you. The bandit also has a strong Arcane skills, but it struggles in melee, so if you’re new to Souls-like games, choose Bandit with caution. If you prefer to play games in a stealthy manner, sneaking around and slitting enemies’ throats, or picking off enemies from afar, the bandit is the class for you; just be aware that you will need to work on some of its weaker areas before becoming fully proficient in all combat scenarios.

8. Hero

In most games, Hero class always seem to be lacking in intelligence area. Unfortunately, Elden Ring is no exception in that regard, as Hero is a ripped, yet a bit dumb character. The Hero comes equipped with a huge axe and middling armor. This class is a decent choice among strength-based character classes, although it isn’t as ideal as some others if Elden Ring is your first journey into Souls genre. The Hero’s massive strength and vigor make him a dangerous opponent, but his Dexterity makes him little more than a simple tank character.

9. Prophet

If melee-based tank characters aren’t your thing, and you don’t put too much faith in your character’s dexterity, let alone that of others, the Prophet class might be a great class to start with. This rouge-monk type of class may be built up to be a dangerous opponent for most of Elden Ring’s foes with decent stats. The Prophet is one for those who like a somewhat more planned combat approach, since he excels at keeping almost everything at arm’s length.

10. Wretch

If you choose Wretch as your starting class in Elden Ring, then good luck! Starting with no armor and only a basic club as a weapon, the Wretch is a perfect starting class for getting killed very easily. However it is also a great class for something truly unique which might suit your individual play style. If you know what are you doing, then the Wretch is a perfect template for creating an incredibly authentic character. It is also a great class for hardcore gamers who want to master Elden Ring’s combat. However, most players should avoid this class.

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