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Black Friday

Black Friday Power Supply Deals in 2022

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Power supplies are essential components of desktop computers. They deliver power to the system and ensure that your PC is working optimally under heavy loads. It is always better to have a power supply that can deliver more power than your PC actually consumes, as most power supplies perform the best at 50% loads.

If you are planning to upgrade your PC with a more powerful graphics card, or you have noticed that your PSU exhibits coil whining, then it’s time to upgrade your PSU. Black Friday 2022 is a great opportunity to snatch yourself a brand new power supply unit, as many great offers will be offered. Down below you can see a list of the best Black Friday 2022 power supply units we’ve aggregated so far.

Best Black Friday power supply deals in 2022

Where to find the best Black Friday power supply deals?

This year you will be able to find great Black Friday deals and discounts at major online retail stores. Since Black Friday falls this year on November 25th, many great offers will be offered prior to the major event, so keep your eyes opened. Most retail stores will start offering great discounts as early as October 20th. Here are the top retailers you should be closely watching:

Things to consider when buying a power supply

Computer power supplies come in many different forms and with many different features. This means you should consider a few thing before making a final purchase. Here is a list of power supply characteristics you should know about before settling for the right product:

  • Form factor – most power supplies are made according to ATX specifications and can fit in 90% PC cases. However, big power supplies (EATX) can only fit in big tower cases, and are designed to power servers and workstations. There are also SFX power supplies which are made for use in small and compact ITX PCs.
  • Power – this one is pretty obvious. The more the power, the better. High-performance power supplies can deliver up to 1600 watts of power, but for gaming PCs this is a complete overkill. Power supplies that can offer between 500 and 800 watts are considered optimal for most gaming PCs these days.
  • Modularity – modular power supplies offer you the ability to connect only the power cables that you actually need. These power supplies are much more convenient for installation, and allow you to conduct proper cable management. However, they are also much more expensive compare to non-modular PSUs.
  • Efficiency – power supplies can be sorted in different categories by rating. White and bronze-certified power supplies are considered least efficient, while gold and platinum are considered the best. There are also titanium-certified power supplies, but these are mainly used in enterprise environments.

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