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Black Friday

Black Friday PC Case Deals in 2022

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A computer case is essential part of your computer. Not only does it house all of your PC’s internal components, but it also ensures that your PC is properly cooled, silent, and that it looks good. PC cases come in various form factors, such as big tower, small tower, and mid-tower. Most modern cases now feature tempered glass side panels which allow you to show off your PC to your friends, and come with additional features, such as USB Type-C front panel connectors or RGB lighting support.

In this article we’ve collected all the best Black Friday 2022 PC case deals that are currently available online. This is a great opportunity to grab yourself a new PC case and give your gaming PC a more modern and fresher look. Down below you can see a list of the best deals we’ve collected so far.

Best Black Friday PC case deals in 2022

Where to find the best Black Friday PC case deals?

This year’s Black Friday will include great discounts from major internet retailers. This implies you should pay great attention to what they have to offer. Many of these stores will begin giving discounts ahead of the big event, so be sure to check back frequently for amazing savings. Here is a list of retailers to keep an eye out for:

When will Black Friday PC case deals start in 2022?

Big online retail stores will start offering great discounts before November 25th. However, major discounts will be offered on the Black Friday. We recommend paying close attention to offerings of many online retail stores throughout November, as many great deals will be offered in that period.

Things to consider when buying a PC case

If you are in the market for a new PC case, you should consider a few things before making a final purchase. PC cases come in various different forms and support different motherboard form factors. Also, some of them support liquid cooling system, while some don’t. As you can see, there are many things to consider, but all of that can be summarized in this list:

  • Form factor – most gamers prefer to buy mid-tower PC cases, as they are considered to be an industry standard. These cases support ATX motherboards, and are compatible with 90% PC components on the market. Big tower cases are even better, as they offer even more room, and can accommodate server motherboards, but are usually more expensive. Mini tower PC cases are ideal for building compact PCs and home theater PCs.
  • Ports – if you don’t like to connect your peripherals to the back of your PC, then consider getting a PC case with plenty of ports on its front panel. Most PC cases feature multiple USB ports and audio ports on their front panels, however, more expensive cases also feature USB Type-C ports, which are great for connecting mobile phones and other external devices.
  • Radiator support – big PC cases usually also support liquid cooling radiators, which is a big plus if you plan to cool your CPU or GPU with a liquid cooling solution.
  • Aesthetics – PC cases come in various different colors and with various different features. For example, white PC cases tend to be more premium-looking, and cases with tempered glass side panels allow you to show off your PC. However, all of these things are subjective, and it all depends on your preferences.
  • Clearance – this is very important. Before purchasing a PC case, make sure that it features enough space to accommodate your GPU or CPU cooler. You don’t want to buy a PC case in which you won’t be able to fit your PC components.

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