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Black Friday

Black Friday 4K Monitor Deals in 2022

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4K TVs may have become a norm in the market, but having a 4K monitor for your work or gaming PC is still a rarity. This is due to the fact that most 4K monitors require a high-end graphics card to deliver favorable framerate at such a high resolution, but having a 4K monitor comes with a lot of benefits. From better multitasking experience to immersive gaming experience, 4K monitors have a lot to offer.

Black Friday is a great opportunity to get your hands on a high-quality 4K monitor for little money as possible. In this article we have collected all the best Black Friday 2022 4K monitor deals, so scroll down and check them out.

Best Black Friday 4K monitor deals in 2022

Where to find the best Black Friday 4K monitor deals?

Major online retail stores will be offering great discounts this year on Black Friday. This means you should pay close attention to their offerings. Many of these stores will start offering deals prior to the major event, so be sure to check back often for great discounts. Here is a list of retailers you should pay close attention to:

When will Black Friday 4K monitor deals start in 2022?

November 25th is the date you should mark on your calendar. This is the official date of Black Friday 2022. However, many stores will start offering discounts before that date, so be prepared for some early deals. Down below you can see the list of dates when major retailers will start offering Black Friday deals:

  • Amazon: November 25th to November 27th
  • Best Buy: November 19th to November 28th
  • Newegg: November 22nd to November 27th
  • Target: November 21st to November 27th

Things to consider when buying 4K monitor

If you decide to buy a 4K monitor, there is a couple of things to consider before you make a final purchase. 4K monitors come in many different sizes and forms, and have different features. Here is a list of things you should consider before buying a 4K monitor:

  • Size – Most 4K monitors feature a diagonal length of 32″. This is considered to be a golden standard for 4K monitors. However, high-end 4K gaming monitors are also available in smaller sizes, such as 27″, to easily fit on your desk. There are also ultra-wide 4K monitors that feature a diagonal size of 48″ and can easily serve as a replacement for your TV
  • Refresh rate – gaming 4K monitors feature a refresh rate of 144 Hz to 165 Hz. Professional 4K monitors usually don’t support variable refresh rate technology such as NVIDIA G-Sync or AMD FreeSync. If you are a gamer, then consider purchasing a 4K monitor with support for high refresh rate.
  • HDR – HDR or “high dynamic range” is a technology that allows monitors to reproduce ultra-realistic color tones. The bigger the HDR number is the better. Cheap 4K monitors usually support HDR, but don’t offer very good picture quality with HDR enabled. If you are a professional who deals with image and video editing, then consider buying a monitor with high HDR specification, otherwise don’t waste your money.
  • Panel type – 4K monitors come with various different panel types such as VA, IPS, or OLED. For gaming VA panels are better as they support very high refresh rates, but don’t offer very good viewing angles. IPS panels are the best for general use, and offer great viewing angles. Finally, OLED panels offer the best user experience, but are very expensive. If you are a gamer, consider buying a 4K monitor with either VA or IPS panel.

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