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15 Best Open World Tracks for Assetto Corsa

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Assetto Corsa is well-known for its mods, but when there are over 20,000 of them it can be very hard to find the really good ones you may be looking for. In this article we’ll examine the 15 best open world tracks for Assetto Corsa which allow you to freely explore the world outside of a racing track.

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Although Assetto Corsa is famous for its heavy emphasis on realistic physics and professional track racing, with mods the game can be easily converted into a Forza Horizon or Need for Speed clone. Thanks to a dedicated community of passionate modders, there are now numerous mods that add open world tracks to Assetto Corsa. Some of these tracks even support traffic, which makes them even more enjoyable. Down below you can see our top 15 picks for 2022.

15. Sydney West

Sydney West

Although it is not the most impressive track on our list, Sydney West is a great open world track for Assetto Corsa. It features more than 75 km of roads which will keep you driving for hours. The map features car parks, restaurants, gas stations, and even Easter eggs and barnfinds.

The Sydney West map is based on parts of Western Sydney Suburbs, Blacktown, Prospects, Seven Hills and Toongabiee. It has more than 1,000 buildings scattered throughout its landscape, and it even has working street lights which makes it perfect for night rides. The map also has 50 pit slots and supports multiplayer features. You can download Sydney West from the official Assetto Mods Patreon page.

14. Targa Florio

Targa Florio

Targa Florio is a 72 kilometers long track for Assetto Corsa made by SIM TRAXX. It is a point-to-point track based on a real world track set in the mountains of Sicily. The track is very intense and it forces you to really concentrate on its numerous corners. The track itself isn’t very detailed, but due to its interesting layout and setting it can provide a very challenging and satisfactory driving experience.

13. Almoneyes Skid World

Almoneyes Skid World

Almoneyes Skid World is one of the most unique free roam maps for Assetto Corsa. It is around 8 miles long, and features a lot of crazy and unusual things, like an aircraft carrier in the middle of a lake. This map is great for all sorts of stuff, such as drifting, karting and racing. Overall this is a great and challenging track that should provide a lot of fun while driving on it.

12. Semetin


Semetin is another SIM TRAXX’s track set in Czech Republic. The track is around 12 km long (7.3 miles). It is a very tight track and features all sorts of little forest roads. It is very detailed and it fully supports GrassFX, as well as RainFX features. The track can be used for cruising, however it is definitely more suited for rallying.

The cool thing about this track is that it features a lot of small details that make the track even more impressive. There are a lot of small houses, barns, hay bales, and electric pillars that make it more realistic. There is also lots of high grass, and the roads feature high-quality textures. Overall, this is a great free roam track for rallying.

11. Pacific Hills

Pacific Hills

Pacific Hills is a conversion map from CarX. It is a great city map that offers a lot of exploring, and features around 8 miles of city roads. There is a lot of great details on this map and is perfectly suited for drifting and street racing. There is also support for night lights, as well as traffic. The biggest downside of this map is that it features only a portion of a city, and we wish it to be a bit more detailed.

10. Glencoe


Glencoe is a very old open world track for Assetto Corsa. Graphics-wise, it is quite outdated, however, don’t underestimate its quality by its appearance. This is an excellent track set in Scottish Highlands that features an impressive 78 kilometers of roads. Its scenery includes iconic railway viaducts, lakes, mountains and forests. You’ll also find gas stations, small villages and barns. The track offers some very challenging hill climbs as well as long straights with beautiful vistas.

9. Pacific Coast

Pacific Coast

Pacific Coast is an open world map featuring 25 kilometers of winding highways in California, set between the Pacific Ocean and the rolling desert hills. Creator of the map, Phoenix77, meticulously recreated numerous details of the US west coast area roads, including flora, lookout stops, and road surface patches.

Pacific Coast is made by the same guy who created LA Canyons map for Assetto Corsa. The map is also available in paid version which features two-way AI traffic, Mansion Cruise with 70 pit boxes, as well as 12K textures. Overall, it is a fantastic track which is able to offer one of the best driving experiences in the world thanks to its tight hairpins, as well as fast and slow chicanes.

8. Hong


Featuring beautiful and detailed scenery of Hong Kong, Hong is an impressive open world track for Assetto Corsa. From tunnels and overpasses to curvy serpentines and streets of downtown Hong Kong, this map has it all. There are plenty of buildings and skyscrapers, and curvy roads on the hills of outskirts of Hong Kong provide perfect setting for driving classics such as Toyota AE86. Overall it is a very impressive map, and we strongly recommend giving it a try.

7. Santa Monica Mountains

Santa Monica Mountains

Just like many other open world maps for Assetto Corsa, Santa Monica Mountains is also set in California. This track features incredibly accurate roads thanks to use of photogrammetry. The whole map was made by a one passionate modder who used 360° GoPro camera to get the data. The roads themselves are fantastic to drive, and the environment also looks very detailed. There is also support for two-way traffic in free roam with different spawn points. Despite being made for traffic, the track also features racing lines, meaning it supports AI races.

6. LA Canyons (LAC)

LA Canyons

Based on real roads in California, LA Canyons is a fan-favorite open world tracks for many Assetto Corsa players. The map features roads which wind through the San Gabriel mountain range, high above streets of Los Angeles. Combining tight bends and fast sweepers, these roads prove to be perfect for racing, as well as cruising with touring cars.

The map also features numerous junctions, turnouts, picnic areas and side roads. All roads are fully signed and include real world distance signs, markings, guard rails, jersey barricades and parked vehicles. The free version of this map features a 42 kilometer long loop, while the paid version includes additional 50 kilometers of road. Both versions feature AI support and multiple pitlanes.

5. Glen Sheil

Glen Sheil

Compared to other open world tracks that we’ve mentioned so far, Glen Sheil is a true behemoth when it comes to size. Nicknamed as “Glencoe’s new brother”, Glen Sheil can boast with the fact that it features a whooping 1,200 kilometers of open roads. Around half of the roads are real, while the other half is made up.

This mod can also boast with stunning graphics, as it features high resolution textures, complex terrain, road patches, and detailed GrassFX. The track also supports online multiplayer features with AI traffic, which makes it great to immerse yourself in its beautiful scenery.

4. Bella Vista

Bella Vista

Although its size pales in comparison to Glen Sheil, Bella Vista is the second largest map on our list of the best open world tracks for Assetto Corsa. This is a relatively new map, and the best thing about it is that it allows you to drive anywhere. This means you can also use a 4×4 and go off the road. The map features beautiful scenery, and includes various interesting locations such as weather research center, small airfield, hotel in mountains and numerous lookouts.

3. Union Island

Union Island

Even though it measures “only” 30.5 km in length, the Union Island map is an absolutely essential download. This map features incredibly detailed recreation of the real world island located in Saint Vincent and Grenadines. The author of this mod also helped in creation of other mods, such as LA Canyon, as well as Pacific Coast Highway.

The Union Island is a fantastic map for cruising and chilling. It will give you lots of Forza Horizon and Test Drive Unlimited vibes. It scenery is greats, and ambient sounds are of premium quality. With CSP and Sol the map even looks better, so be sure to have these installed before you try it out.

2. Project NFS Reborn

Project Need for Speed Reborn is a recreation of the beautiful Bayview, the fictional city on the West Coast of US from Need for Speed: Underground 2. This is one of the most ambitious open world mods for Assetto Corsa, and also one of the most popular ones. The mod is still in development and features only some parts of the city, such as Jackson Heights, Beacon Hill, Bayview West, Airport, and Bayview Center.

The mod fully supports CSP features such as RainFX, and there is also support for AI traffic. Another awesome thing about this mod is that it supports multiplayer features, meaning that it allows you to race online with your friends and other players on this fantastic map.

1. Shutoko Revival Project

Shutoko Revival Project

And finally we have Shutoko Revival Project. This mod aims to be the definitive version of Shutoko, also known as the Tokyo Expressway. This mod, without a doubt, feels like the Gran Turismo 7 version of Shutoko. Creators of this mod made an absolutely incredible job in bringing this legendary track to Assetto Corsa. The details is quite possibly the best on this list, with everything from the road markings, signs and surrounding buildings all looking incredible.

The track is very immersive to drive around, especially at night. It is also worth mentioning that this mod brings 150 kilometers of roads, which is absolutely great. There is also traffic setup for one of the layouts, and you can find pack mods on the mod’s Discord server. The track also supports multiplayer features, and you can now find many servers running this track.

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