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The Best Mini-ITX PC Cases for 2022

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Mini-ITX cases are great for several reasons. First of all, they look absolutely awesome. Being small and compact, mini-ITX cases can perfectly blend into your home or working environment. You can easily fit them in small and tight spaces, and they look great near your gaming TV. They are also small enough to be held on the desk, so there is no more need for bending down to plug in your USB stick to your computer placed on the floor. Also, mini-ITX cases make perfect homes for media center devices, which means you can enjoy all the features of a desktop PC in a small package.

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Second reason why mini-ITX cases are better than standard micro-ATX or medium tower PC cases is that they can house powerful PC components without having the need to consume too much space. Most mini-ITX cases nowadays can house latest high-end graphics cards and multi-core processors, and they can also accommodate extremely quiet PC builds thanks to the liquid cooling solutions.

Adding RGB lightning to these small boxes can make them even more attractive, which is perfect for building stylish and minimalistic gaming PCs. However, mini-ITX cases come with their own set of issues. Firstly, they can be difficult to assemble, as there is little room in them to provide enough space for all components to fit perfectly. Performing adequate cable management in these cases can be also very tricky, as it’s not easy to build a perfectly neat and tidy PC in a such small environment.

When building a mini-ITX computer, you can also forget about having multiple graphics cards, or stacks of hard drives. Almost all mini-ITX cases can house only one graphics card, and up to two or three 2.5″ drives. Mini-ITX cases also don’t provide very good airflow, which means it’s best to invest in a high-quality AIO liquid coolers in order to ensure maximum cooling performance.

Despite the fact that mini-ITX PC builds can be very challenging to assemble, the final feeling of seeing a such machine running is an extremely rewarding experience. This way it’s best to thoroughly plan the whole assembly process in advance, just in case you don’t find yourself regretting any hasty decisions. Having all said in mind, now is the time to check out the best mini-ITX cases you can get in 2022. Take a look, and decide which ones you like the most.

Best Overall:

NZXT H210i

Best Open-Air:


Best Compact:


Best for RGB:


Best Portability:

Lian Li TU150WX

Best Budget:

SilverStone SG13

Best Console-Like:

Fractal Design Node 202

Best Overall: NZXT H210i

Motherboard SupportMini-ITX
Color PallettesWhite/Black, Black/Red, Black/Black
Dimensions & Weight210 x 349 x 372 mm, 6.0 kg
Drive Bays3+1 x 2.5″, 1 x 3.5″
Radiator SupportFront: 2 x 120 mm with Push/Pull
Rear: 1 x 120 mm
Fan SupportFront: 2 x 120 mm or 2x140mm
Top: 1 x 120 mm (1x Aer F120 Case Version Included)
Rear: 1 x 120 mm (1x Aer F120 Case Version Included)
GPU ClearanceUp to 325 mm
CPU Cooler ClearanceUp to 165 mm
Front Panel1 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A
1 x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C
1 x Headset Audio Jack

  • Elegant design
  • Convenient assembly solutions
  • Supports liquid cooling solutions
  • Powerful RGB lightning software
  • Great GPU clearance specs
  • USB Type-C connector
  • No reset button
  • Installing tempered-glass panel can be tricky
  • Difficult cable management without modular PSU

The NZXT H210i is basically a smaller variant of well-known H710i mid-tower PC case. Like its bigger brother, this slim 27-liter mini-ITX case features full tempered-glass panel, NZXT’s smart hub, two pre-installed fans, and one RGB LED strip. At the front of the case you can find a USB Type-C connector, as well as one USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-A connector, and headset audio jack.

The H210i is without a doubt one of the best mini-ITX cases since its design enables you to easily install various PC components without too much hassle. This case features removable radiator mounting bracket, as well as NZXT’s patented cable management system which greatly helps in managing multiple cables going around your PC case. Despite being small, this case can house up to two 120 mm radiators, or one 240 mm radiator. GPU clearance specification of this case is also great, as it allows you to install even the lengthiest GeForce RTX 3080 graphics cards without too much trouble. The NZXT’s CAM software does a great job in monitoring components’ temperatures, and enables you to easily customize case’s internal RGB lighting.

This case, however, does have a couple of things we don’t like. First of all, it has no reset button, which can be quite inconvenient in situations where you have to troubleshoot hardware problems, or install operating systems. Secondly, installation of the tempered glass panel can be frustrating, as it’s prone to falling off until you screw it down. And finally, cable management can be very frustrating if you aren’t using a modular power supply unit. Other than these small issues, the NZXT H210i is the best mini-ITX case which will be the most appealing to users who want to build a small and powerful gaming machine.

Best Open-Air: Antec STRIKER

Motherboard SupportMini-ITX
Color PallettesWhite/Black
Dimensions & Weight420 x 230 x 410 mm, 7.47 kg
Drive Bays2 x 2.5″
Radiator SupportFront: 1 x 240 mm
Rear: 1 x 240 mm
Fan SupportSide: 1 x 120 mm / 2 x 120 mm / 1 x 240 mm
Rear: 1 x 120 mm / 2 x 120 mm / 1 x 240 mm
GPU ClearanceUp to 330 mm
CPU Cooler ClearanceUnspecified
Front Panel2 x USB 3.0
1 x HD-Audio
1 x USB 3.1 Type-C

  • Stunning design
  • Very spacious
  • Premium materials
  • Supports liquid cooling solutions
  • Premium materials
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Position of front I/O panel
  • Tricky cable management

Antec STRIKER is a stunning mini-ITX PC case, primarily designed for custom water-cooling gamers. Featuring irregular shape, with unique form and innovative structure, this PC case will suit the needs of experienced modders, as well as newcomers to DIY PC community who wish to build an attractive-looking gaming computer. The Antec STRIKER is an open-air PC case which features front-placed GPU design, multiple tempered-glass panels, and robust structure made of aluminium and steel.

Since graphics cards are mounted at the front of this PC case, the Antec STRIKER also features fully adjustable GPU rack which can be moved up or down in order to house graphics cards of different lengths. Being an open-air case, the Antec STRIKER provides great airflow competent enough to cool even the hottest components, and if that is not enough, you can always install up to two 240 mm radiators for achieving ultimate liquid cooling performance. Despite being designed for ITX motherboards, this case is also spacious enough to accommodate multiple 120 mm or 240 mm fans, as well as graphics cards that measure up to 330 mm in length.

Overall, the Antec STRIKER is one of the visually most exotic mini-ITX cases currently available on the market. This case, however, isn’t very well suited for beginners. Cable management is quit challenging, front I/O panel could be more accessible and distance between tempered-glass panels is a bit too wide. Despite its flaws, the unique design of this case will blow everyone away, so if that’s your goal, then the Antec STRIKER is a way to go.

Best Compact: ASUS ROG Z11

Motherboard SupportMini-ITX, Mini-DTX
Color PallettesBlack
Dimensions & Weight194 x 531 x 386 mm, 8.73 kg
Drive Bays4 x 2.5″, 1 x 2.5″/3.5″
Radiator SupportRear: 1 x 240 mm
Fan SupportTop: 2 x 120 mm / 2 x 140 mm
Rear: 2 x 120 mm
GPU ClearanceUp to 320 mm
CPU Cooler ClearanceUp to 130 mm
Front Panel2 x USB 3.2 Gen1
1 x USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C
2 x USB 2.0

  • Gorgeous cyberpunk-ish design
  • Supports custom liquid cool loops
  • Great GPU clearance specs
  • High-quality materials
  • Adjustable RGB lightning
  • Below average airflow
  • Expensive

The ASUS ROG Z11 is probably one the coolest-looking compact mini-ITX PC cases out there. It features sleek and stylish look that rises above competition, and it empowers its users to showcase powerful and compact PC builds. The case can also boast with great flexibility and connectivity, and it features patented 11° tilt design which provides optimized airflow and heat dissipation.

The case can accommodate graphics cards that measure up to 320 mm, which is quite impressive for such a compact PC case. The Z11 also offers ample space for installing custom liquid cooling loop, which fans of water cooling will surely appreciate. You can also install up to four 2.5″ drives in it, and up to one 3.5″ drive, which should be more than enough to satisfy all storage space needs. The Z11 can also boast with rich front panel, which features two USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.2 ports, and one USB Type-C port.

Like many other premium PC cases, this one also comes with removable dust filters, ARGB control button, RGB lighting sync support, and extra space for proper cable management. The case can also be used in vertical or horizontal position. Overall, this is a beautiful and premium-looking PC case, which will make your friends envy you.

Best Portability: Lian Li TU150WX

Motherboard SupportMini-DTX, Mini-ITX
Color PallettesBlack
Dimensions & Weight375 x 202 x 312 mm, 4.50 kg
Drive Bays1+1 x 2.5″, 1 x 3.5″
Radiator SupportRear: 1 x 120 mm
Fan SupportFront: 1 x 120 mm
Rear: 1 x 120 mm
Base: 2 x 120 mm
GPU ClearanceUp to 320 mm
CPU Cooler ClearanceUp to 165 mm
Front Panel2 x USB 3.0
1 x HD Audio
1 x USB 3.1 Type-C

  • Minimalistic design
  • Premium materials
  • Retractable magnetic handle
  • Plenty of room
  • USB 3.1 Type-C Gen2 connector
  • Not very suitable for liquid cooling solutions
  • Below average noise dampening
  • No dust filters

Although Lian Li TU150WX PC case was primarily designed for content creators, this is also a great case for competitive hardcore gamers who like to carry their PCs on different LAN parties or tournaments. The TU150WX features elegant and minimalistic design with tempered-glass side panel, and housing made of brushed aluminium. This case supports both mini-ITX and mini-DTX motherboard, and can house dual-slot high-end graphics cards.

Special thing about this case is that it features retractable magnetic handle which makes this case extremely easy to carry around. The handle can be tuck seamlessly into the top panel, so that it doesn’t weirdly protrude out of the case. The 3.0 mm tempered glass side panel can be easily clipped into the case with Lian Li’s push pin screw-free technology, while the “attic” compartment located at the top can be used for efficient cable management. The TU150WX can accommodate one AIO liquid cooling solution, and is able to provide enough CPU clearance for the installation of a high-end air cooler. With plenty of room, easy cable management and rich front I/O panel that features USB 3.1 Type-C Gen2 connector, the Lian Li TU150WX is a perfect mini-ITX case for professionals, and gamers alike.

Like all the other cases, the TU150WX also has its flaws. This case has very limited fan and radiator options, and is not very well suited for liquid cooling configurations. The noise dampening of this case is also not great, and there is no filter on the bottom intake. Despite its flaws, this is a very mobile ITX case which will be the most appealing to users who like to carry their PCs around quite often.

Best Budget: SilverStone SG13

Motherboard SupportMini-DTX, Mini-ITX
Color PallettesBlack
Dimensions & Weight222 x 181 x 285 mm, 2.45 kg
Drive Bays1+1 x 2.5″, 1 x 3.5″
Radiator SupportFront: 1 x 120 mm / 1 x 140 mm
Fan SupportFront: 1 x 120 mm / 1 x 140 mm
GPU ClearanceUp to 270 mm
CPU Cooler ClearanceUp to 61 mm
Front Panel2 x USB 3.0
1 x HD Audio
1 x Microphone

  • Pleasant-looking design
  • Fits full-size graphics card
  • Primarily designed for liquid cooling in mind
  • Good airflow
  • Hard drive cage position
  • Not very spacious despite its looks
  • Mediocre build quality

Weighing only 2,45 kilograms, the SilverStone SG13 is not only one of the lightest mini-ITX cases, but is also one of the cheapest. Designed to fit components for general purpose and office builds, SilverStone SG13 is also an ideal mini-ITX case for building a home theatre PC. The SG13 can easily house standard ATX power supply, 140 mm AIO liquid cooler, and 270 mm long graphics card, which is great for producing amazingly small and powerful systems on a tight budget.

The SilverStone SG13 allows you to install two 2.5-inch SSDs, or one 3.5-inch hard drive in a combination with one SSD. Besides being compatible with mini-ITX motherboards, this case also supports mini-DTX motherboards, and has an elevated standoff for motherboard back side components. The front I/O panel on this case features two USB 3.0 ports, one microphone port, and one HD audio port. This case also comes in two different variants, each featuring different swappable front panels – one with metal mesh, and one with classic brushed style. The metal mesh front panel features removable filter for performance oriented builds, while the classic brushed panel comes with side intakes for quieter builds. Finally, the whole case is only 285 mm long, which means it will perfectly fit into any kind of environment due to its compact size and unobtrusive looks.

The major flaw of this case is its hard drive cage, which gets in a way of a graphics card, or even AIO liquid cooler, provided that you install one. Also, the CPU clearance specification of this case is very unimpressive given its size, so you’ll either have to get low-profile CPU cooler, or go with a liquid cooling solution. Finally, the build quality of this case is quite mediocre, so don’t be surprised if you distort the side panels too much in case you decide to drill a few extra mounting holes.

Best Console-Like: Fractal Design Node 202

Motherboard SupportMini-ITX
Color PallettesBlack
Dimensions & Weight377 x 82 x 330 mm, 3.50 kg
Drive Bays2 x 2.5″
Radiator SupportUnsupported
Fan SupportGPU chamber: 2 x 120 mm
GPU ClearanceUp to 310 mm
CPU Cooler ClearanceUp to 56 mm
Front Panel2 x USB 3.0
1 x Audio In/Out
  • Looks great near TV or on desk
  • Separate GPU and motherboard chambers
  • Pre-installed air filters
  • Pre-installed 450 W power supply
  • Very low CPU cooler clearance
  • Very little room for comfortable installation
  • Doesn’t support liquid cooling solutions

Many hardcore PC gamers find gaming consoles to be too weak, too restraining, and overpriced. However, there is one aspect of gaming consoles that PC gamers are often envy of – the chassis. Unlike PCs, which are extremely configurable, but have big cases, consoles always look so sleek, and easily blend into the home living environment. The Fractal Design Node 202 PC case is here to fix that problem. This slim and compact PC case can house a capable gaming build, and will look very attractive next to the TV or on your desk. Being a highly versatile case, the Node 202 can be placed either vertically or horizontally – just like the gaming console.

The Node 202 can house graphics cards that measure up to 310 mm in length. Due to the smart interior design, motherboard and GPU have separate chambers, which not only makes installation of components simple, but also greatly improves airflow and thermals. The pre-installed air filters prevent dust build-up, and the included 450 W power supply delivers enough power to the most demanding systems. Featuring customized connectors and tailored cables, the Node 202 also offers hassle-free installation and very efficient cable management system.

Although it looks very sleek, this PC case is very tight. The Node 202 offers no support for any kind of liquid cooling solution, and the only way too cool your CPU is to get a low-profile CPU cooler. Installing 120 mm fans can also be tricky, since they often get in a way of cables or graphics card. Finally, there is no support for standard ATX power supply units, which means you’ll have to tailor your PC build to consume no more than 450 W of power.

Best for RGB: InWin A1 PLUS

Motherboard SupportMini-ITX
Color PallettesBlack, White
Dimensions & Weight231 x 210 x 343 mm, 7.1 kg
Drive Bays2 x 2.5″
Radiator SupportRear: 1 x 120 mm
Fan SupportSide: 1 x 120 mm
Rear: 1 x 120 mm (if no radiator installed)
Bottom: 2 x 120 mm
GPU ClearanceUp to 320 mm
CPU Cooler ClearanceUp to 160 mm
Front Panel2 x USB 3.0
1 x HD Audio
  • Transparent stand featuring RGB lightining
  • Pre-installed Gold rated 650 W power supply
  • Top panel wireless charger
  • Great CPU cooler clearance
  • Supports 120 mm AIO liquid coolers
  • No reset button
  • Very tight at the back
  • Wireless charger seems to be useless

Last but not least, InWin A1 PLUS is a perfect mini-ITX case for lovers of RGB lighting. Unlike many other mini-ITX cases, this one features a tinted transparent stand through which RGB lights pierce to create an awesome lightening experience. The lights are fully addressable, which means they can be easily configured via InWin’s dedicated software suite. But besides featuring addressable RGB lightning, this case also comes with a Gold rated 650 W power supply unit, and Sirius Loop ASL120 fans.

The A1 PLUS is no ordinary PC case. It even features a top panel wireless charger, which can emit 10 W of power to strengthen the charging capacity to Qi enabled mobile devices and gaming mice. Featuring square structure design, this small case provides enough space to house CPU heatsinks that measure up to 160 mm in height, and can accommodate up to 320 mm long graphics cards. At the bottom of the case you can install up to two 120 mm fans, while in the rear you can fit a one 120 mm AIO liquid cooling solution.

One thing we don’t like about this case is that it features no reset button. Also, there is very little room at the back of the case for conducting proper cable management. Fitting very large graphics cards can also be tricky, as they can rub against the back fan. Finally, the wireless phone charger on this case seems to be proprietary, so it will be of no use for charging iPhone or Google Pixel smartphones.


Compared to the standard PC cases, the mini-ITX cases are much smaller, consume less space, and visually look very attractive. They are also extremely portable, as you can easily carry them around. Unfortunately, mini-ITX PC builds can be difficult to assemble, so it’s necessary to plan the whole process thoroughly in advance. However, the satisfaction of building a mini-ITX PC is absolutely great. In short, if you like challenges, you’ll certainly like building a mini-ITX PC. We hope our buying guide helped you in search for the information you were looking for. If you still feel confused, and need advice about buying, feel free to post comment below. We will try to help you.

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