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The Best Cryptocurrency Mining Frames in 2022

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Building a cryptocurrency mining rig can be an exciting activity. However, squeezing all those mining graphics cards into an ordinary ATX PC case is quite literally an impossible task. Even high-grade PC cases designed to house server equipment aren’t able to accommodate more than five or six graphics cards, let alone 10 of them. If you want to build a proper mining rig that won’t look like a huge, messy pile of stacked graphics cards and intertwined cables, then you’ll need to get yourself a mining frame. In this quick guide, we’ll show you the best open air cryptocurrency mining frames currently available on the market.

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Many cryptocurrency mining beginners start mining with only one or two GPUs which can easily be placed inside an ordinary computer case. However, as the time goes by, and income from mining cryptos starts to accumulate, many miners start investing in more powerful mining equipment. This usually means buying more graphics. However, taking proper care for a few dozen graphics cards is completely different compared to maintaining one or two GPUs. Many mining rookies decide to invest as little money as possible into proper mining equipment, and they only spend more money on buying second-hand graphics cards, motherboards, and PCI riser cables.

However, to conduct efficient and profitable mining operations, you’ll need a special mining motherboard, a high-end power supply unit, and a proper mining frame. Buying a professionally-made mining frame has many benefits for your cryptocurrency mining business. A high-quality mining frame lets you organize all of your graphics cards and mining rig components, as well as make the whole process of building a mining rig a breeze. Not only that, but by purchasing a factory-made mining rig you’ll also achieve a much better airflow and cooling of your components, as most of them allow you to install additional cooling fans, as well as ensure that your GPUs are properly separated one from another.

Last but not least, mining frames are extremely convenient when it comes to moving your mining rig around your house or property, which is why you must get one if you don’t want to hassle with connecting and reconnecting all of your equipment while moving between two locations. Down below you can see the best cryptocurrency mining frames you can get right now.

Best Overall: Veddha V3C 8-GPU Mining Frame

Type: Open Air | Max. Supported GPUs: 8 | Material: Aluminum

The Veddha V3C is without a doubt one of the best pre-assembled cryptocurrency mining frames out there. This elegant open air mining frame lets you easily install up to eight double-slot graphics cards that measure up to 320 mm in length, and it even supports 5-layer stacking. The Veddha V3C also allows you to install up to seven 120 mm computer fans on its mounting positions in order to improve cooling and overall airflow.

The Veddha V3C supports installation of single or dual PSU systems, and it provides enough space to accommodate multiple solid-state or hard disk drives. This mining frame features dimensions of 365 x 880 x 380 mm, and is completely made of aluminum. The Veddha V3C comes bundled with its own set of installation tools, installation manual, and one accessories package. With it you also get a 1-year warranty, and its manufacturer has a local customer service in North America, which is perfect if you’ll ever find yourself in need of professional support.

Runner-up: Kingwin Bitcoin Miner Case KC-8GPU

Type: Open Air | Max. Supported GPUs: 8 | Material: Aluminum

The Kingwin KC-8GPU mining case is a high-quality mining frame made of aluminum alloy material that is designed to support high-performance mining rigs. It features an exceptional open-air design which ensures excellent airflow for cooling, and is fully stackable so you can further expand your GPU capacity. The KC-8GPU mining frame is also very DIY-friendly, thanks to its intelligent layout, and easy installation support.

The KC-8GPU mining frame supports installation of up to 8 triple-slot GPUs, and it offers enough space for installation of multiple SSDs and HDDs. Another great feature of this mining frame is the fact that it comes with 7 fan slots for better cooling. This allows you to further improve your cooling performance, and extend the lifespan of your mining GPUs. This mining frame, however, does have a couple of flaws. Firstly, it comes with rather poorly written instructions, and secondly, it features no support shelf to mount PCIe x1 to x16 adapters, which is a bit disappointing. Overall, the Kingwin KC-8GPU is a nice-looking mining frame that suffers from some minor design flaws.

Best Large Mining Frame: WarmLi 12 GPU Open Air Mining Frame

Type: Open Air | Max. Supported GPUs: 12 | Material: Iron

If you own a dozen of mining graphics cards, and don’t know where to put them, then this WarmLi open air mining frame is a perfect solution for you. Thanks to its wide layout, this mining frame can accommodate up to 12 dual-slot GPUs, as well as up to two power supplies, one mATX or ATX motherboard, one hard disk drive, and one solid-state drive.

The WarmLi open air mining frame also allows you to install up to six 120 mm fans to improve cooling, as well as install PSUs that measure up to 250 mm in length. This frame provides 61 mm of spacing between each GPU, which means you can also install triple-slot GPUs on it, however, this may worsen cooling performance and make cable management much more complicated if you plan to use a lot of PCI-E risers. Compared to other mining frames, the WarmLi mining frame features iron alloy material body, which means it’s much heavier than aluminum-based frames, but is also less expensive. Overall, this is a very simple, functional, and good-looking mining frame which is best suited for large mining rigs.

Best Budget: VELIHOME Open Air Mining Frame

Type: Open Air | Max. Supported GPUs: 6 | Material: Iron

If you only own a few mining graphics cards, and you are looking for the cheapest mining frame possible, the VELIHOME open air mining frame should satisfy your needs. This sub-$50 mining frame features dimensions of 500 x 285 x 225 mm, and can house up to 6 dual-slot GPUs. Unlike other upper-tier mining frames, this one is made of iron, and as such is much cheaper compared to aluminum mining frames.

This mining frame can hold only one PSU, which is fine given the number of GPUs it supports. It can also house one hard drive, and one ATX motherboard. The VELIHOME open air mining frame ships with its own set of silver screws, and a gasket, and is fairly easy to assemble. Overall, this is a very simple and straightforward mining frame, that doesn’t offer many features, but is quite cheap.

Best Stackable Frame: MLLIQUEA Stackable Mining Rig Frame

Type: Open Air | Max. Supported GPUs: 10 | Material: Aluminum

Serious cryptocurrency miners prefer using stackable mining frames in order to easily store and organize all of their mining hardware. The MLLIQUEA’s stackable mining frame is one of the best frames for such purposes. This steel and robust cryptocurrency mining frame can be used to build a a serious mining rig with up 10 GPUs, 14 fans, and 2 PSUs per stack.

Weighing around 10 lb, this mining frame is fairly easy to move around, which is a big plus if you move your mining equipment often. It is also worth mentioning that this frame can accommodate very long GPUs, meaning there is no limitation for GPU length. The frame itself doesn’t include any fans or cables, and it ships with one set of screws.

Best Enterprise-grade Frame: HLL 19 GPU Open Air Frame

Type: Open Air | Max. Supported GPUs: 19 | Material: Aluminum

If you consider yourself to be a serious cryptocurrency mining entrepreneur, then you know how investing in high-quality equipment is important for expanding your business operations. The HLL Open Air mining frame is specifically built for such purposes. This huge 750 x 760 x 350 mm mining frame features four mounting shelves, and can accommodate up to 19 GPUs, as well as up two 18 cooling fans.

The HLL mining frame supports dual PSU systems, comes with its own hard drive mounting bracket, and ships with a set of 18 LED fans. The whole frame is made of high-quality aluminum, and the overall layout is designed with purpose to improve airflow and GPU cooling. This frame can easily be stored in a warehouse, or a large room with good air conditioning, which makes it perfect for building a large mining farm.


If you don’t have the time, money, or knowledge, to build your own frame for a cryptocurrency mining rig, then consider purchasing a pre-cut mining frame that is easy to assemble. Not only it will help you organize all of your mining equipment, but will also ensure you a great ease of access when it comes to maintaining your mining equipment. We hope our buying guide helped you in search for the information you were looking for. If you still feel confused, and need advice about buying, feel free to post a comment below. We will try to help you.

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