The Best 144 Hz Gaming Monitors in 2021

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Since the past decade, we have all witnessed the evolution of gaming scope. Gaming and Esports industries have grown exponentially in the past few years.

If you are also devoted and love to play games, along with other gaming gadgets, you just need an up-to-the-mark gaming monitor to support those high-quality graphics and frame rates. Whether you are a competitive player or just a casual gamer, if you take games like CS:GO or PUBG seriously then you should think about having a 144 Hz gaming monitor. Many professional gamers use a 144 Hz gaming monitor because of its high refresh rate and other perks.

Why you should get a 144 Hz monitor?

Assuming that your CPU, GPU, and the display’s response rate can sustain it, gaming monitors with 144 Hz or higher refresh rate can greatly improve your overall gaming experience.

Playing games on 144 Hz monitors will not make you a pro but gives you a fraction of extra time to react and can improve your reflexes. Also, if your video card is not sending more than 144 FPS to the monitor then with a 144 Hz refresh rate gaming monitor you are less likely to get screen tearing.

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Using a 144 Hz FreeSync or G-Sync monitor can prevent screen stuttering. The reason is that if your frame rates are going down because of any hardware reasons, your monitor will adjust itself accordingly.

Gaming monitor with a high refresh rate of 144 Hz will run games smoother, contributing to the gaming responsiveness and immersion.

As we mentioned above, a 144 Hz gaming monitor is great for FPS shooter games but if you play other types of games then you will probably see no difference.

The Best 144 Hz Gaming Monitors in 2021

If you are not clear and looking for a decent 144 Hz gaming monitor, well there’s nothing to worry about.

We have got your back! At the end of this article, you will be able to find a good 144 Hz gaming monitor for your excellent gaming experience. Let’s get started!  

Best 144Hz Monitor Overall:


Best FHD (1080p) 144 Hz Monitor:

Acer XFA240

Best QHD (1440p) 144 Hz Monitor:

Acer Nitro XV272U

Best UHD (4K) 144 Hz Monitor:

LG 27GN950-B

Best Budget 144 Hz Monitor:

Gigabyte G27F

Best Ultrawide 144 Hz Monitor:

LG 34GN850-B

Best 144 Hz Monitor Overall: AOC CQ27G2

Display Size: 27″ | Resolution: 2560×1440 | Panel Type: VA | Refresh Rate: 144 Hz (AMD FreeSync Premium) | Response Time: 1 ms | Connectors: 1 x DisplayPort 1.2, 2 x HDMI 2.0

  • Low input lag
  • Subtle 1500R screen curvature
  • High native contrast ratio
  • Superb SDR color gamut
  • Average black uniformity
  • Poor peak brightness

AOC CQ27G2 144 Hz monitor is ideal for those who like to enjoy their games in HD with wide 1440p resolution. With a curved screen size of 27”, AOC CQ27G2 delivers excellent video quality with a 144 Hz refresh rate. Featuring a rapid response time of (MPRT) 1ms that results in a smooth FreeSync Premium experience.

With the AMD FreeSync Premium, you can achieve the highest frame rate and smoother gameplay experience. The AMD FreeSync Premium features a refresh rate of a minimum of 120 Hz. It decreases the blur and sharpens the picture for a more realistic display experience.

The AOC CQ27G2 uses a VA panel for optimal viewing that uses advanced technology giving you extra-wide viewing angles of 178°, so you can easily view the display from almost any angle. With color gamut area coverage of 120% sRGB and 89% of Adobe RGB, it is designed to produce very rich colors.

Best FHD (1080p) 144 Hz Monitor: Acer XFA240

Display Size: 24″ | Resolution: 1920×1080| Panel Type: TN | Refresh Rate: 144 Hz (NVIDIA G-Sync) | Response Time: 1 ms | Connectors: 1 x DisplayPort, 1 x HDMI, 1 x DVI

  • Low input lag
  • Smooth and tear-free gameplay experience
  • Both FreeSync & G-Sync compatible
  • Good design quality
  • Affordable price
  • Low pixel density
  • Weak built-in speakers

Acer XFA240 is another Full HD 24” gaming monitor with a refresh rate of 144 Hz. It comes with a response rate of 1 ms with widescreen G-SYNC compatible display. The notable feature of such monitors is that they are FreeSync monitors that also support NVIDIA G-Sync variable refresh rate technology.

With a Full HD display and 144 Hz high refresh rate, you will get the smoothest and tear-free gameplay experience. The XFA240 is specifically designed to give a comfortable viewing experience while gaming via flicker-less, low dimming, and ComfyView display, making it one of the best full HD gaming monitors available today.

It presents stunning and detailed image quality with 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution in a 16:9 aspect ratio and works smoothly with GeForce graphics cards. With a high refresh rate, Acer XFA240 shortens the time it takes for frame rendering and lowers the input lag resulting in a perfect gaming experience.

Best QHD (1440p) 144 Hz Monitor: Acer Nitro XV272U

Display Size: 27″ | Resolution: 2560×1440 | Panel Type: IPS | Refresh Rate: 144 Hz (NVIDIA G-Sync) | Response Time: 1 ms | Connectors: 1 x DisplayPort, 2 x HDMI-in, 5 x USB 3.0

  • Great picture quality
  • Compatible with NVIDIA G-Sync
  • Elegant and ergonomic design
  • Great bang for the buck
  • Limited backlight adjustability
  • Basic HDR 400

Acer Nitro XV272U is one of those best gaming monitors which provide glorious 2560 x 1440 QHD resolution with an aspect ratio of 16:9. It is a 27” monitor with a 144 Hz refresh rate that helps in getting ultra-smooth viewing with faster frame rendering and lower input lag, allowing you to make faster decisions and better reactions.

Compatible with the latest NVIDIA G-SYNC displays, it completely eliminates tearing, stuttering, artifacts, and flicker at refresh rates of 144 Hz. Ideal for AAA games that require very high-quality graphics with better contrast and color accuracy.

It uses the Visual Response Boost technology that offers a 1 ms response time. It is customizable and is very suitable to play almost every type of game. It features flicker-less, low dimming, and ComfyView display to give users a comfortable viewing experience even after hours of continuous gaming.

Best UHD (4K) 144 Hz Monitor: LG 27GN950-B

Display Size: 27″ | Resolution: 3840×2160 | Panel Type: Nano IPS | Refresh Rate: 144 Hz (NVIDIA G-Sync) | Response Time: 1 ms | Connectors: 2 x HDMI, 1 x DisplayPort, 3 x USB 3.0

  • Incredibly low input lag
  • Ultra-HD resolution
  • Wide and accurate color gamut
  • FreeSync & G-Sync compatibility
  • Best response time
  • Oversaturated sRGB mode
  • Not good for dark-room gaming

LG 27GN950-B is one of the best 4K gaming monitors with a 144 Hz refresh rate. This remarkable gaming monitor features 4K Nano IPS display with a wide resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and an amazing 1 ms response time, giving the best gaming experience one can expect.

This NVIDIA-tested and verified G-SYNC compatible gaming monitor provides reduced screen tearing and minimized stutter resulting in a smooth and ultra-fast gaming experience. Integrated FreeSync Premium Pro technology will help in getting seamless quality gaming time.

It is considered an ideal monitor for high-performance and pro-level gaming. It also features Display Stream Compression (DSC) and 10 bit color via a single DisplayPort connection to reduce visual loss. With a 4K resolution, it covers 98% of the DCI-P3 color gamut and offers true color accuracy.

Specially designed for comfortable gaming, its stand is also fully adjustable. You can raise, lower, or tilt the monitor to set it according to your will.

Best Budget 144 Hz Monitor: Gigabyte G27F

Display Size: 27″ | Resolution: 1920×1080 | Panel Type: IPS | Refresh Rate: 144 Hz (NVIDIA G-Sync) | Response Time: 1 ms | Connectors: 2 x HDMI, 1 x DisplayPort, 2 x USB 3.0

  • High contrast
  • Very low input lag
  • Saturated and accurate colors
  • Excellent overdrive
  • FreeSync & G-Sync compatible
  • No sRGB gamut option
  • Weak speakers
  • Limited stand adjustment

Considered an affordable high-performance gaming monitor that offers the ultimate specifications and quality. This stunning gaming monitor comes up with an impressive 1 ms response time and supports Adaptive-Sync technology. FHD with 144 Hz allows you to get detailed display quality and a fluid gaming experience.

Featuring a fantastic color display and 95% DCI-P3 super wide-gamut color, it truly is a beast for gaming needs.

The Gigabyte G27F is also kind-to-eyes gaming monitors using flicker-free and low blue light technology that prevents eye strain and fatigue after constant use. The monitor is specifically good for gaming with an exclusive stand that is ergonomically designed to offer an extensive range of height and tilt adjustments.

It is built with an IPS panel and delivers vivid colors at wide 178° viewing angles. It has a 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution with a static contrast ratio of 1000:1, a 300 cd/m² brightness rating, and support for 16.7 million colors.

Best Ultrawide 144 Hz Monitor: LG 34GN850-B

Display Size: 34″ | Resolution: 3440×1440 | Panel Type: IPS | Refresh Rate: 144 Hz (NVIDIA G-Sync) | Response Time: 1 ms | Connectors: 2 x HDMI, 1 x DisplayPort, 2 x USB 3.0

  • Enormous field of view
  • Excellent response time
  • Superb image quality
  • Outstanding motion display
  • Mediocre contrast ratio
  • Expensive

The LG 34GN850-B is one of the most powerful gaming monitors with a high refresh rate of 144 Hz. It features a Nano IPS display, 1 ms response time, and G-Sync compatible game mode. With faster response time you will experience minimized afterimage.

Ideal for gaming, the LG 34GN850-B supports a wide color spectrum, 98% of the DCI-P3 color gamut that enables realistic visual immersion.

But besides the usual 144 Hz refresh rate, this monitor features an ultra-fast speed of 160Hz (overclock) that allows users to see faster and smoother frames.

FreeSync Premium technology will give you a faster and fluid gaming experience in fast-paced action games. It also uses Dynamic Action Sync that elevates your gameplay to a pro-level experience, and it comes with an integrated black stabilizer which can be very effective for attacking your enemies in the dark.


If you want to enhance your gaming experience, especially for playing competitive online first-person shooters, be sure to grab yourself a monitor with a 144 Hz refresh rate. However, keep in mind that just like all 60 Hz monitors aren’t alike, nor are the 144 Hz monitors. So, it’s up to you to decide which gaming monitor you are going to choose for your gaming needs.

The choice of choosing the right gaming monitor mainly lies behind the types of games you play. It would be ideal if you buy a gaming monitor with the highest refresh rate possible, as well as with the highest resolution, but such devices are oftentimes more expensive.

We hope our buying guide helped you in search of the information you were looking for. If you still feel confused, and need advice about buying, feel free to post a comment below. We will try to help you.

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