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Battlefield 3 Venice Unleashed Mod Tools Are Set To Be Released In December 2020

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Battlefield 3 Venice Unleashed is an upcoming set of modding tools which are going to deliver some impressive new features to one of the greatest installments in the Battlefield franchise.

Battlefield 3 Venice Unleashed comes with its own map editor, dedicated servers with high-tickrate option, and support for user-generated content. This modding framework also allows you to configure rifle suppression mechanics and image color correction, such as the infamous blue tint overlay.

The teaser trailer for this modding framework shows a ton of new incredible things, like support for custom vehicles, custom maps, night mode, squad-style total conversion mod, AI enemy support, proper spectator client, full dedicated server control, and more. In short, Venice Unleashed is designed to be the ultimate set of tools which are going to improve and expand all existing capabilities of Battlefield 3.

The mod tools have been in development since 2012, and they’re going to be released in December 2020. Venice Unleashed is free to use for everyone who owns Battlefield 3 on Origin platform. To get started playing Venice Unleashed, simply register a new account on the developer’s website here, and follow further instructions how to install and setup the modding framework.

Venice Unleashed doesn’t require of you to own all DLC’s for Battlefield 3, however, if you want to play on servers with DLC content, you are obliged to buy them. This suite also requires you to own a legit copy of Battlefield 3, which means that cheaters and hackers aren’t welcome into this new community.

According to the developers, Battlelog progression is completely separated from the Venice Unleashed profile. This means that your stats won’t transfer to the new multiplayer platform, but you also won’t lose any progress since everything in Venice Unleashed is unlocked by default.

Since Venice Unleashed functions separately from the Battlefield 3, and it uses its own servers, you shouldn’t get banned for playing it. This sounds great, however, we are still not completely sure whether it’ll be like that until we really try playing it. We are also not sure if the EA will shut down the project due to possible legal disputes. Developers of this mod are stating that Venice Unleashed is completely legal, and that it doesn’t distribute any EA/DICE assets and functions.

Overall, we are very excited about the release of this amazing modding framework. Battlefield 3 was one of the most beloved installments in Battlefield history, and we are thrilled to experience new large-scale battles on new maps with new custom vehicles, and improved game mechanics. So far, playing Venice Unleashed is reserved only for professional modders, so good luck obtaining access to the pre-release version.

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