Alienware 610M Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

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In a Nutshell

Alienware 610M is a premium quality wireless gaming mouse. Although its dedicated software package is a bit messy, the 610M is a superb mouse in terms of performance and aesthetics.

  • Great performance
  • Comfortable to use
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Attractive design
  • Cheap-looking side buttons
  • Too complicated software

Among gamers, Alienware has been known as a company that produces reliable and premium quality PC products. Its products are also well-known for their unconventional, yet attractive design. In that sense, the Alienware 610M gaming mouse is no exception. In this article we are going to provide a glimpse into its design and features.

Alienware 610M is a wireless, symmetrical-shaped, premium quality PC mouse. The mouse features two macro buttons built only into the left side, which tell that this mouse was primarily made for the right-handed users. Upper parts of the mouse look quite ordinarily, while bottom has two bulges which in shape resemble the squid fins. At first, these bulges might look a bit useless, however, they do have their own purpose. The first bulge acts as a resting area for the thumb of the right hand, while the other bulge also functions as a resting place for the root of the small finger. Due to this configuration, palm barely touches the surface, which in turn doesn’t cause unnecessary friction while playing games. There is no doubt that this mouse was designed for use with the palm grip, however, its weight of 119 grams also makes it easy to use with the fingertip grip too. In such cases, mouse will slightly drag towards back, but it won’t slip out of the hand thanks to its angled edges which will keep the grip stable.

Alienware 610M Specifications

SensorOptical (16.000 DPI)
Connectivity2.4 GHz Wireless USB, Micro-USB Cable
Weight119 Grams
Dimensions133.3 x 77.6 x 49.2 mm

Besides three standard buttons (left, right and scroll wheel), this mouse also has two side buttons, which we mentioned earlier, and a lever under the scroll wheel. This lever can be moved either up or down in order to activate two microswitches. By default, lever functions as an optical sensitivity modulator, but its function can be reconfigured via Alienware Command Center software. Like the lever, functions of the side buttons can also be reconfigured. The software utility itself is more complicated than it should be, however, after the initial accommodation to its features, it becomes very easy to use. With it, you can save your custom macro commands, define profiles, adjust sensor sensitivity, configure the height at which mouse recognizes surface and so on. Under the mouse you will also find two switches – one is for turning the mouse on and off, while the other is for adjusting scrolling speed.

In terms of connectivity, the Alienware 610M uses 2.4 GHz wireless adapter, and if needed, it can be connected via USB cable over which can also charge its lithium-ion battery. According to Alienware, battery features a lifetime of 350 hours without charging, however, this amount of time can only be achieved if RGB lightning is turned off. Depending on use and with the lights turned off, battery can last up to a week, which is still a very impressive amount of time.

Hardware-wise, mouse features a very capable optical sensor with native resolution of 16.000 DPI. Although Alienware doesn’t state what kind of technology is it about, according to product’s specifications, it seems that 610M is the only mouse from Alienware that utilizes this type of optical sensor. Whatever it is, there is no doubt that this mouse is extremely precise, and has no noticeable input lag or acceleration issues. It is also very reliable across various surfaces, except from glass.

Overall, it is a joy to have Alienware 610M in your hand. The only two things that we didn’t like about it were the side buttons made from shiny plastic which looked a bit cheap, and somewhat counter-intuitive configuration software. In terms of other things, Alienware 610M is an extremely fine gaming mouse.

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Alienware 610M Wireless Gaming Mouse

Alienware 610M is a premium quality wireless gaming mouse. Although its dedicated software package is a bit messy, the 610M is a superb mouse in terms of performance and aesthetics.

Build Quality








  • +Great performance
  • +Comfortable to use
  • +Long-lasting battery
  • +Attractive design


  • -Cheap-looking side buttons
  • -Too complicated software
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