9 Best Fortnite Merchandise Items You Can Buy Right Now

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Having more than 350 million registered players, Fortnite is by far the most popular video game of our times. Despite being well over three years old, Fortnite keeps attracting massive audiences from all around the world. Over time the game transformed significantly, from a casual shooter in which players fend off zombies, to a mega popular competitive battle royale shooter, which also enables you to build things, socialize with your friends and family, and even attend musical performances.

Since Fortnite isn’t just a game anymore, but a recognizable brand, it is no wonder that many people are in search for unique merchandise items which would enable them to publicly express their fondness to this video game. In this review, we bring you 9 best Fortnite merchandise items you can buy right now. From uniquely designed school backpacks to motorized blasters, there is plenty of Fortnite merchandise items available out there which should satisfy casual players, as well as hardcore fans.

1. Fortnite Battle Royale Raven Hoodie Sweatshirt


Many Fortnite players know that Raven is one of the coolest, and also one of the rarest character skins available in the game. However, wearing a hoodie depicting Raven is even more awesome, and will make your Fortnite friends quite jealous at you. The hoodie itself is made out of high quality materials, and is very smooth and silky, which makes it more breathable. Perfect for windy and rainy days, as well as sunny weather, this hoodie can be a great gift to your young family members who plays Fortnite a lot. Available in sizes from XS to XL, this sweatshirt should perfectly fit its wearer, and in case you don’t like this particular design, the producer offers four additional designs which should certainly satisfy your aesthetic appetites.

2. NERF Fortnite AR-L Elite Dart Blaster


Since Fortnite is all about guns, then getting a real-life replica of one of the game’s most popular guns is a dream come true to many of its fans. The NERF AR-L Elite blaster is inspired by blaster used in Fortnite, and it features look and colors just like the one in the game. This motorized blaster is able to fire 10 darts, and it comes with 10 backup darts which you can reload into your clip after firing. The motorized system enables the user of the blaster to take aim, and hold down the acceleration button which then powers up the motor and sends darts flying away. The motor requires four 1.5 AA alkaline batteries (which are not included), and the jam door security mechanism is here to prevent any possible injuries while using the blaster. The blaster also features two flip-up sights, and is also compatible with other NERF Fortnite blasters. When considering its build quality and features, the NERF AR-L Elite blaster is one of the best Fortnite merchandise items a fan could buy.

3. Fortnite Kids’ Multiplier Backpack


Going to school during the COVID-19 pandemic is a stressful experience for many children. Besides having to wear face masks, schoolchildren also have to worry a lot about their hygiene, and avoiding too close contacts with their school friends. Since going to school in these harsh times can be a difficult task, why not cheer up your child with a colorful backpack featuring silhouettes of Fortnite champions? This pretty-looking backpack is 100% made out of polyester, has zipper closure, a 15-inch shoulder drop, and is completely hand-washable. It also has a side pocket for water bottle, which makes it very convenient for your child to re-hydrate whenever it wants. The backpack also provides enough space for binder and launch kit, and is optimally designed for children from 1st to 6th grade.

4. PONYOUN Fortnite Face Mask


COVID-19 pandemic greatly affected our everyday life. Going out, socializing with others, and doing group activities has now become difficult to perform. We are now obliged to wear face masks wherever we go, hoping we won’t catch, or potentially spread the new virus. However, despite the fact that our everyday life has become very strict and serious, this doesn’t mean that we can’t give it a bit of fresh air. The Fortnite personalized face mask is one such example. This stylish mask can be worn by men, women and teenagers. It features breathable high-quality polyester fabric, and provides protection against pollen, dust, small particles, kitchen oil, cigarette smoke, and odorous gas. Although it’s not 100% COVID-19 resistant, it is nonetheless a very attractive-looking substitution in cases when you can’t wear a surgical medical mask.

5. Fortnite ATK Vehicle with Figure (RC)


Driving ATK in Fortnite is an extremely fun experience, but driving it in real-life is even more so. This real-world ATK vehicle replica is fully remote controllable, and can fit up to four 4-inch action figures inside. The replica also features game-authentic lights and sounds, while the 4-inch action figure has more than 25 points of articulation, making it thus highly detailed. The Drift action figure coming with ATK vehicle is equipped with his Stop Axe harvesting tool and Golf Club Bag accessory. The package also includes a dedicated gamepad for remote control of ATK vehicle, and there is also a Collector’s Guide, which true fans will certainly appreciate.

6. Fortnite The Chapter 1 Action Figures Collection


Fortnite features plenty of different characters which you can personalize and play with. Now imagine owning real-life figurines depicting those characters. The Fortnite Chapter 1 Action Figures Collection is a perfect gift for youngest Fortnite fans. This collection features 10 figure pack, which includes popular Fortnite skins and characters like Black Knight, Rust Lord, The Visitor, DJ Yonder, Ice King, Eternal Voyager, and our favorite – Peely. Each figure is 4 inches tall, and features more than 25 articulation points making it highly detailed. The collection also includes a 14-inch poster of the map from Chapter 1’s Season X, which makes it even more worthwhile buying. Overall, this is one of the best Fortnite merchandise items currently available on the market, and will be appealing to youngest Fortnite players, as well as hardcore fans.

7. Monopoly: Fortnite Edition


Monopoly is one of the best board games ever made. Being so popular, it is no wonder that Hasbro decided to make a special Fornite-inspired edition. Since Monopoly and Fortnite are all about surviving, they make a perfect match, and that is why this is also one of the best Fortnite merchandise items. Monopoly: Fortnite Edition supports 2 to 7 players, and enables them to claim locations, battle their opponents, and avoid Storm to survive. The last player standing wins. The game comes with 27 Fortnite outfits with Pawn stands, and players can choose to play as their favorite. Despite being called a Monopoly game, the Monopoly: Fortnite Edition is a completely different board game, and as such represents a fresh new variant of the classical game you might have played.

8. Fortnite Wall Hanging Tapestry


Every serious gamer, whether young or old, likes to decorate its own room with pictures and posters of its favorite game. The Fortnite wall hanging tapestry is an ideal choice for boys who like to play Fortnite, and want to decorate their room with images of their favorite Fortnite heroes. This premium tapestry is made out of comfortable material, which makes it perfect for use inside someone’s bedroom or college dorm, or as a table cloth. Vibrant, yet long-lasting colors are backed by advanced printing technology, and the tapestry can be used as a home wall decor. Baby lock stitch ensures the tapestry with superior durability, while the premium polyester makes the tapestry soft to touch. The tapestry is available in three sizes: 50×60, 59×70, and 59×90 inches. The tapestry can be washed by a machine, and is easy to hang on the wall.

9. Jay Franco Fortnite Llama Warhol Twin Bed Set


In case you like Fortnite so much that you can’t fall asleep without it, fret no more, as this Fortnite-inspired sheet set bedding will provide the comfort you need. This Fortnite twin bed set includes one 64 x 86 inch twin comforter, one 39 x 75 inch fitted sheet, one 66 x 96 inch flat sheet, and one standard 20 x 30 inch pillow case. This set without doubt adds a touch of decorative enchantment to your room by giving you the Fortnite ambient you deserve. The set is perfect for children, and teenagers, as its made out of high quality brushed microfiber polyester, which allows comfortable night’s sleep. The set is completely fade resistant and machine washable, and can be dried on low temperatures. Overall, this bedding set is a great gift for any child that likes Fortnite, as it transforms bedroom space into a fun and colorful ambient.

Final words

Although Fortnite still doesn’t have as much merchandise items as, for example, Star Wars, there are still some pretty cool items to be found out there. In our review we listed our top 9 Fortnite merchandise items you can buy right now. Despite the fact that many of these items are primarily made for very young fans, some items, like the AR-L Elite blaster might be interesting even to adults. Most true fans, however, will be quite happy with the items we have listed above, as expressing love to your most favorite movie, cartoon, or video game never gets old. We hope our buying guide helped you in search of the information you were looking for. If you still feel confused, and need advice about buying, feel free to post comment below. We will try to help you.

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